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Notice: if the brightness does not change on your watch, restart the watch. Also, make sure to check the brightness by using the system settings and not a 3rd party app (like Wear Mini Launcher's settings), some 3rd party apps don't properly read the current brightness and update themselves when it changes.

Uses the coarse location to calculate sunrise and sunset times, as well as the Google Play Services activity detection API to automatically set the display brightness on your Android Wear.

This is only necessary for watches that DON'T have an ambient light sensor. This is not needed for the Moto 360, but can be used with it if the watch brightness setting is on manual mode. If the watch is on auto, this app will not change the value (useful if you have multiple Android Wear devices.)

If it's night time, the brightness will always be set to the lowest.

If it's day time, it will determine the brightness, between medium and high, based on the current user activity. Feel free to change the brightness levels depending on your activities.

By using the activity detection, we are making assumptions to determine whether the user is indoors, or outdoors, and then setting the display brightness on the watch based on that.

For battery saving purposes, there may be a delay between each detection.

Cambios recientes en esta versión

- Bug fix
- Use material theme for Android 5.0 devices

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Comentarios y valoraciones de Display Brightness for Wear
  • (62 estrellas)

    por Jose Antonio Pardo el 04/05/2015

    Genial, va de lujo. Muchas gracias por la app. Yo tengo puesto a tope todo, menos cuando estoy quieto, y perfecto, es lo que buscaba.

  • (62 estrellas)

    por ふらいかき el 14/10/2014

    No entiendo antes funcionaba y ahora ya nada

  • (62 estrellas)

    por Juan Carlos Gallego Torrico el 26/09/2014

    A mi me baja el brillo durante el día y me lo sube por la noche, al contrario de lo que quería, porque?

  • (62 estrellas)

    por Eusebio Garcia rojas el 07/09/2014