Turn: Recruit Your Ring

Turn: Recruit Your Ring


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AMC’s TURN: Recruit Your Ring app allows you to immerse yourself into the world of America’s First Secret Agents by letting you create your own customized Spy Disguise set during the Revolutionary War.

Transform your photo and/or a photo of a friend into an agent of espionage using the actual clothing, backgrounds and tools of spy craft used in AMC’s newest scripted series: TURN.

Once you have chosen your spy disguise, you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, email or text message.

In addition, the app allows you to choose and customize your own personal spy ring! Choose up to 4 friends (including yourself) to be a part of your most trusted circle.

Please note, you must have an active network connection to download all of the high resolution parts. With a slow connection, these can sometimes take 2 to 3 minutes to download in full.

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