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  • Choose privacy level: hide or block calls/sms
  • Cool interface
  • Themes
  • Tips system
  • It cuts a call when a block number calls at the same time
  • Too expensive full version ($13.99)
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"Your Android knows that you need some privacy"

Review por / Jun 16, 2011

Private SMS & Call is an app that allows you to block calls and messages or make them private by moving it from the default log

Private SMS & Call has three main features:

1. Private Conversations: After adding a phone number to this list all calls/sms from this number will be seen/heard as usual while it's happening, but the evidence of it will be moved to here and will automatically be erased from your cell phone's Call Log/Message Log. You can also text/call to that number from here.

2. Blacklist: After adding a phone number to this list, all calls/sms messages from this number will be rejected. All calls/sms wil be moved to here and will automatically be erased from your cell phone's Call Log/Message Log. You can also set some filters block unknown number, block by number prefix, block message by keywords.

3. Block logs: choose those number which Call Log/Message Log has to be block.

Besides the features, you can set filters and apply them, backup logs, and tag labels for numbers/groups. The interface is cool and it contains themes. Easy-to-understand and high-configurable from settings. It also provides a "tips" system that will help you to get the hang of the app in a few minutes.

This is the free version. There's also a paid version but you have to upgrade from free version. It's really expensive ($13.99).

Private SMS & Call has been developed by, a settled Android app developer who has released a dozen of apps with remarkably success. And it seems that they're keeping it up.

Private SMS & Call is a great app to manage your privacy in your Android, regarding your main inputs (call & sms). If you are careful with that issues, you will make the most of this app. Go after it!

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Descripción original del desarrollador disponible aquí
SPC Provides (En):
1. Black list that block sms call as firewall
2. Private Conversation for move sms call to your private label
3. Customized filters

Proporciona SPC (ES):
1. Lista de Negro que SMS bloque llamado como cortafuegos
2. Conversación privada para sms mover llamada a su marca privada
3. Filtros personalizados

Cambios recientes en esta versión

fix Themes downloading bug

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  • (50)

    por Vaishu el 02/04/2015

    i just love thz app and i hav been using thz since 3years+ but nw whn i suddenly uninstalled thz app i couldnt found thz in my store to re install can u help me with thz ??

  • (50)

    por dax04 el 10/02/2013

    I have Samsung Fit and it blocks my phone. DEL !!!

  • (50)

    por heewmn_770421 el 24/02/2012

    does this work for international calls and SMS sent to my phone in the United States??????

  • (50)

    por cccarm67 el 08/06/2011

    lg dual p990 android froyo v10b, help my . SPC does not block calls, only works with messages. The call comes in without being blocked as a normal call, but was notified by SPC. What should I do?

  • (50)

    por dethinker el 13/04/2011

    how to purchase this apps?

  • (50)

    por julio cesar olea lorenzana el 17/05/2014

    Denle solución porfavor, no filtra nada.

  • (50)

    por Hernán Javier Quiroga Bordón el 13/05/2014

    Actualice mi s4 a 4.4 y la aplicación ya no me quita los mensajes del buzón instalé y desistale pero sin resultado un bajon

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