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Openvpn for Android is an open source client based on the open source OpenVPN project.
It uses the VPNService API of Android 4.0+ and requires neither Jailbreak nor root on your Telephone.

- OpenVPN is a client software to connect to an OpenVPN server and not a free VPN software. It allows to your own/company/university/provider OpenVPN server.
- Only tun mode support (Sorry no tap, with Android 4.0 only tun can be supported).

- permissions: this app ask implements a feature to import OpenVPN profiles from the SDCard/internal memory. Google categorizes this access "accessing your media and photos"

- Prerelease versions available by joining G+ group:

If you want to help to translate OpenVPN into your native language look at the homepage of this project.

Please report bug/suggestions via email or at the code Google Code project. But please read the FAQ before writing me.

OpenSSL Heartbleed: OpenVPN for Android uses its own non vulnerable OpenSSL version. For more details about OpenVPN and Heartbleed see:

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

- Bugfixes
- More FAQ entries

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Comentarios y valoraciones de OpenVPN for Android
  • (45 estrellas)

    por brandnew el 25/02/2013

    this tool works great. It would be nicer if:
    1) get rid of two notification spots
    2) auto restart after reboot

  • (45 estrellas)

    por Eskes el 13/05/2012

    Gettin error with converted file:
    P:Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in /data/data/de.blinkt.openvpn/cache/android.conf:32: ip-win32 (2.3_alpha1)
    Any ide?

  • (45 estrellas)

    por bitxo el 30/04/2012


    openvpn authenticate/Decrypt packet error: cipher final failed

    I use

    cipher DES-EDE3-CBC

    any way to add some options to the config file without root?

  • (45 estrellas)

    por José Rodríguez el 23/03/2015

    OpenVPN Connect me funciona mejor :/ he probado ambas con los mismos perfiles ovpn y me quedo mil veces con la otra.

  • (45 estrellas)

    por JoNaThAn ToRrEs PoLO el 20/03/2015

    En tigo colombia!

  • (45 estrellas)

    por Hector Garcia el 20/03/2015

    Me encanta esta apk es buena

  • (45 estrellas)

    por juan jose bedoya duarte el 19/03/2015

    Le daria las 5 estrellas pero nose como conectarme

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