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Nexus Media Importer allows you to stream and transfer music, video, photos and documents from a USB flash drive or card reader connected to your Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (G1 & G2), Nexus 9, Nexus 10, Moto X, Galaxy Nexus, Xoom or other Android 4.0+ devices with USB Host support. See technical notes for a list of supported file types and file systems.

Requires the following hardware:
1. An Android 4.0+ device. Known compatible devices include the Google Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (G1 and G2), Nexus 10, Moto X, Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Xoom. Please try the free "Nexus Photo Viewer" first if you do not have one of these devices. Due to hardware limitations, the Nexus 4 is not supported.
2. An USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable. Costs range from $1-10 USD, see screenshots for examples.
3. An USB Flash Drive or USB Card Reader with a flash memory card inserted, see screenshots for examples. Please see the FAQ on our website if you are trying to connect an external hard drive or other device.

IMPORTANT: To use NMI offline, you will have to activate the license by opening it online after installing.

To use:
-If you are using an card reader, put the flash memory card in the reader first.
-Attach your USB device to the OTG cable.
-Attach the OTG cable to the Nexus or other device.
-The application should launch automatically.
-Photos can be browsed by selecting from the list then swiping back and forth.
-Videos can be streamed with the Play icon.
-The Advanced tab can be used to manage and transfer files.
-Use the Connect screen to determine the viewed device and the destination device for the Copy/Move operations.

-If you have an issue, please visit the Developer's Website or contact us by clicking "Email Developer".
-Currently, most USB Mass Storage devices are supported. Due to the mind boggling number of USB devices available it is not 100% If you contact us, we may be able to support your device in a future release. If you have doubts, try the free "Nexus Photo Viewer" first.

Technical Notes:
-DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT! Rooting may void your device's warranty.
-The USB drive/flash memory card must be formatted as FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS (no exFAT). FAT & NTFS are the most common formats for flash cards and USB Drives.
-Read Only for Ext2/3/4.
-Hard Drives. It is strongly recommended that you use external power when connecting a hard drive to a tablet. Please see the troubleshooting guide on my web site for more information. Do not connect an unpowered hard drive to a phone!
-This is a media streamer. Media types not natively supported by Android will require third party software. There are many excellent free and paid apps. in the Play market. For example:  "BS Player", "MX Player" and "Dice Player"
-The internal music player only plays formats natively supported by Android. WMA files are not supported, but can be copied locally for use with another player.

How-to Videos:

See the FAQ on the Developer's Website for an overview of the permissions.

This software is not produced by Google, which owns the Nexus trademark.

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

-exFAT read compatibility fixes
-exFAT write public beta (Enable in Preferences)

-Lollipop Audio Notification/Lock Screen
-Limited Android Wear Support
-Thumbnail Generation Offset
-Amazon USB 3.0 hubs work-around
-MoboPlayer Work-around
-Back-out protection
-Crash fixes

-Write support for NTFS (Hard drives and some large flash drives)

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Comentarios y valoraciones de Nexus Media Importer
  • (70 estrellas)

    por driversoft el 31/12/2012

    How do us guys with a UK Maestro debit card get hold of this? Google won't take our cards, or PayPal - Amazon will, but this app is not in Amazon's Android Store.

  • (70 estrellas)

    por Rosa Sanchez el 17/02/2015

    Desde que se me ha actualizado me lee las carpetas de dentro del usb pero no detecta que haya archivos de video o audio. Nexus 10.

  • (70 estrellas)

    por Paula Perera el 20/01/2015

    Cuando estás escuchando música desde el pendrive con el reproductor del propio programa y abres Chrome, se corta la reproducción y vuelve a la raíz. Es muy molesto. Con la anterior versión no me pasaba.

  • (70 estrellas)

    por Fabián Andrés el 07/01/2015

    Hacía tiempo estaba buscando una aplicación que me permitiera leer y grabar en memorias USB desde mi Nexus 5. Ya lo probé y funcionó bien. Además tiene UBS interfaz intuitiva.

  • (70 estrellas)

    por Víctor Melián el 06/01/2015

    No funciona correctamente con todos los pendrives

  • (70 estrellas)

    por ERICK PIÑANGO el 28/12/2014

    Esta app funciona en el nexus5 con un DD externo de 320gb perfectamente, y la nexus7 no reconoce el disco, ambos equipos no han sido rooteados. Favor indicarme que debo hacer.

  • (70 estrellas)

    por Max Adres el 24/12/2014

    Puedo conectar mi disco duro, lo malo es que hace un pitido/sonido cuando lo desconecto.

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