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Unleash the full power of your GoPro camera and take over control with GoPro Remote Control, use your smartphone as display and explore, download and share previously recorded media files (photos and videos) with the GoPro Media Browser or synchronize your media files automatically with Dropbox.

Premium Functions:
• Automatically synchronize your media files with Dropbox
• Adjust the playback speed of your videos.
• Select the storage location for your media files, if you use external SD cards
• Batch download multiple media items or full albums in the background
• Sort media items dynamically, e.g. descending based on their recording date
• Filter media items based on their type or compatibility

GoPro Remote is not only an alternative remote control for the official GoPro App in order to control all available editions of the full HD GoPro action cameras, it also gives your remote access to your SD card to look at recorded pictures or to play recorded videos. The application supports all GoPro specific settings, it comes with automatic GoPro model detection and provides an integrated live preview as well as external preview options for VLC and MX players. Pro users can also download and share media files with their friends.

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Please update the firmware of your GoPro camera to the latest version before you use this application.


Media Browsing

The Media Browser provides access to the GoPro's SD card in order to play previously recorded videos or to have a look at your photos. By default, the following GoPro Hero action cameras that run the latest firmware update are supported (Hero 2, Hero 3 White, Hero 3+ Silver and Hero 3+ Black Edition).

The Media Browser does not stream *.MP4 files directly as the files are simply too huge and the camera's WiFi capability is limited. Instead, the Media Browser can access so called Low Resolution Video files (*.LRV), which are created by the camera. However, the current release of GoPro's firmware does not create these files for every video. Based on your protune setting, it might be possible that these files are not created by the camera. As a result, you will not be able to play these videos with this application.

Live Preview

The internal live preview is based on a protocol to support as many devices as possible. As a result, some devices might encounter delays when enabling the preview. This is because Full HD video streaming is expensive and has to be done on the hardware layer. In addition, we also support external players to display your GoPro live preview in full screen mode. Therefore, we linked our application to the VLC Player as well as the MX Player, which have to be installed first:

VLC Player for Android:
MX Player for Android:

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All available GoPro cameras, including Hero HD2 cameras are supported. The app is designed to detect the camera model automatically:
• GoPro Hero HD3+ Black Edition
• GoPro Hero HD3+ Silver Edition
• GoPro Hero HD3 Black Edition
• GoPro Hero HD3 Silver Edition
• GoPro Hero HD3 White Edition
• GoPro Hero HD2 with WiFi Backpack

• Setting Description: For those of you who do not know the user manual by heart, every setting is equipped with a short text telling you when to use it and how it affects the current camera setup

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

• Internal fullscreen preview
• Support for Hero 3+ models
• Automatic media synchronization with Dropbox powered by GoPro Cloud Sync
• Advanced media browsing (HD download, playback speed)
• Advanced media filtering (dynamic sorting, hide file types or unsupported files)
• Delete single photos, entire albums or a combination of selected items
• Get advanced information about your media files such as video length, resolution

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  • (45 estrellas)

    por Jose Miguel Sanchez Glez el 11/01/2014


  • (45 estrellas)

    por Sergio Gonzalez trigo el 19/10/2013

    Funciona perfecta.

  • (45 estrellas)

    por Fabrizio Carrubba el 05/10/2013

    Muy buen app completo@!

  • (45 estrellas)

    por BaNwOrD Fernandez Fernandez el 29/09/2013

    Muy buena pero al comprar la aplicación solo me sale protune (no lrv). Cual es el problema os pasa a vosotros tambien?

  • (45 estrellas)

    por Gaby Mabromata el 25/07/2013

    Aplicacion muy buena como alternativa a la oficial. Agreguen mas idiomas

  • (45 estrellas)

    por Jesus Pina el 18/07/2013

    No se descargan los vídeos en hd??

  • (45 estrellas)

    por German cruz el 02/05/2013

    Buena aplicacion como alternativa a la oficial gopro, y ademas incluye vista previa de las fotos y continuamente se actualiza arreglando errores. Le falta poder ver los videos grabados desde el cel.