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Easy Cello - Cello Tuner


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This Cello Tuner app is easy and simple in being able to tune your cello quickly and efficiently for orchestra recitals or just a musical lesson or practice. This tuner uses a combination of Probability theory and Fourier Transforms to provide the best chromatic tuner for string, woodwind, or brass instrument.

This specific Tuner is aimed at those who play the cello, I want them to be able to swiftly and quickly tune their orchestra cello and not break any strings. I have sample notes for C String, G String, D String, and A String all at the right octave.

So whether you are playing Vivaldi’s concertos for cello and orchestra, one of Bach’s 6 Suites for unaccompanied cello, or just learning how to jam. This Tuner will have your instrument in great shape without breaking any strings.

Tags: simple cello notes, tuner that tells if sharp or flat for cellos.

Cambios recientes en esta versión

New effective Fourier Transform and AutoCorrelation functions to best determine the tuning Frequency with accuracy to 1/100th of a Hz. Now this tuner is the most accurate chromatic tuner of all the Android Apps on the Android Store.

Easier Tuner usability in being able to tune your cello, or other musical instruments quickly.

Better use of space and layout.

Use of a progress bar to help identify Musical notes while using the auto-tuner functionality.

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    por Leena Terrazas el 18/04/2014

    Thanks allot for tuneing my cello .

  • (42 estrellas)

    por Gustavo Cuevas Vasquez el 29/03/2013

    Weno 4