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Sound Logic's MicroMixer is the smallest 8 channel audio mixer in the world. With the MicroMixer iTunes App and the MicroMixer audio mixer (sold separately), your Android or Kindle Fire device becomes a feature packed audio mixer and stereo source selector.

Note: When the App is not connected to the associated device, it runs in 'Demo Mode.' All the mixer's features can be seen as a simulation of actual audio control.

Perfect for events when you don't need a complicated audio mixer:

-Sales presentations
-Weddings and church events
-Live music performances, readings, poetry slams, comedy shows, emcees
-Lectures and seminars
-Restaurants and hotels
-Your home entertainment system

The MicroMixer puts your Android smart phone or tablet in control of the audio levels and mute for two microphones or guitars and four stereo input sources such as MP3, computer audio, DVD and CD players. You can add wireless microphones too.

Unlike a conventional remote, the MicroMixer operates via WiFi and does not rely on line of sight. You don't have to point it at anything or even be in the same room. There are no knobs or switches to wear out, no batteries to replace, and since there are no controls on the on the actual device, the audio settings cannot be tampered with once set to your personal preference. And when you turn it on, it remembers all the settings you had last time you used it.

Use channels 1 and 2 with microphones or guitar inputs. Mix your performance right from the stage with your iPhone. Adjust the mic level for a presenter at the podium or while seated with friends in the audience. More than one iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire can connect and control the audio independently. Soft gain control for mutes and channel select prevent any abrupt changes in audio settings from occurring during performances. The channel buttons can have custom labels assigned.

The MicroMixer iTunes app is a virtual control panel and stereo channel selector for up to 8 audio channels. No WiFi available? No problem! The MicroMixer creates its own WiFi hot spot, or it can join any existing WiFi network. It will auto-connect whenever the MicroMixer device is discovered on your selected wifi network.

WiFi Security Modes Supported:

-Mixed WPA1 & WPA2-PSK

Note: This app requires the MicroMixer audio mixer (sold separately), and does not stream any audio to or from your Android device. The app is simply a control panel for the MicroMixer audio mixer over a WiFi network.

What you Need:
Android smartphone or tablet with 2.3 or later.
WiFi MicroMixer device by Sound Logic

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

1.0 Initial release.
1.22 Corrected exception not handled error in demo mode.
1.23 More Display changes
1.24 Added connect notification, improved connectivity.
1.26 Release Candidate #2 for V1.30

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Aumentar - Captura de pantalla de Micro Mixer para Android
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