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  • No full-screen on tablets
  • Not for everyone
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Comentarios y valoraciones de Oracle Now

  • (59 estrellas)

    por peter.lyndgaard el 20/02/2014

    Only a bookmark wrapper :-(
    Downloaded app to view the agenda for a Oracle event, but it's only a wrapper to Oracle websites, inkluding events.

  • (59 estrellas)

    por chetanyadavvds el 16/02/2013

    @ Ravi , Sir simply to get connected always ... :P

  • (59 estrellas)

    por darbharavitheja el 28/12/2012

    hello can any one say y oracle 4 mobile ,
    is it same like oracle in desktop pc ?
    can any one pls clarify my doubt !


  • (59 estrellas)

    por Omar Cuitlahuac Morales Rivera el 02/12/2012

    Necessarily app

  • (59 estrellas)

    por jagal el 08/11/2012

    Not available for my country

  • (59 estrellas)

    por mathiaslin el 24/06/2012

    Why is this app not available in China? What's the point of not linking directly to Google Play, sending an email with a download link and all that, if in the end it still links to Google Play and saying "not available in your country."?!

  • (59 estrellas)

    por samgupta88 el 21/05/2012

    Not able to download it into my Samsung Galaxy S2, every time it says mail has been sent to your android device...but nothing happened like that.... :-( Can anyone help me in this ..... :-|

  • (59 estrellas)

    por aespinoz el 04/10/2011

    some time ago i was able to use it. Now when i tried to download it, it is unavailable for mi country. Very sad :(

  • (59 estrellas)

    por matthieu.jamme el 31/05/2011

    cannot download the app !!

  • (59 estrellas)

    por parvez.niki el 23/03/2011

    It is not available in the Market. Unable to download it.