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Get the latest local news for Ithaca with The Ithaca Journal’s Android app. A subscription to The Ithaca Journal is required and includes access to this app, online, mobile web site, tablet web site, e-Newspaper, and, if you choose, home delivery of the print edition.

- Up to the minute local news for Ithaca, Cornell and Cayuga
- Current weather conditions, short term and extended forecasts, radar map, allergy, pollen and weather alerts
- Captivating full screen video and photo galleries
- The latest national and collegiate sports and scores
- Sports, Life and Business news with Viewpoints
- News alerts sent to your device with an option to set a quiet time period
- Share news, photos and video via Facebook, Twitter or email

The Ithaca Journal is Ithaca's leading source for local news and information.

Cambios recientes en esta versión

- Supports video embedded within news articles – You are now able to watch news videos from news article pages too
- Fresh new look for our Photo Gallery – makes photo browsing simple
- Several bug fixes

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