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  • No te olvides nunca más de usar los cupones
  • Cupones en el teléfono
  • Navega por otros cupones
  • Hay sitios que no lo aceptan
  • Hay cupones ilegales
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"Olvídate de cortar cupones, sácales una foto"

Review por / Mar 22, 2015

Saca fotos de tus cupones de papel y usa tu teléfono.


La app SnipSnap te permite sacar fotos de tus cupones para convertirlos en cupones digitales con un código de barras que se puede escanear.

También puedes navegar por los cupones que otros usuarios han sacado y usarlos tú. Y cuando un cupón esté a punto de caducar o entras en una tienda donde no se puede usar, la app te avisará.


Es una app sencilla que te ahorra dinero. Puedes transformar cupones de papel en digitales y nunca te olvidarás de usarlos con los recordatorio. Una característica especialmente útil es la de las alertas que te avisan cuando tienes un cupón válido en la tienda donde te encuentras.


No todas las tiendas han incorporado esta tecnología y pueden leer los códigos de tu teléfono. Además, algunas tiendas se niegan a usar la app porque dicen que algunos cupones son ilegales.

Traducido por Monica Yuan

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Never forget a coupon at home again!

★ Brand new on Android ★ 2013 Reader's Choice Winner - Best Shopping App ★ 2013 Appy Award for Best Finance App ★

Toss out the scissors and let your Android camera do the clipping. Simply snap a picture of any printed offer, and SnipSnap magically converts all the text, images and barcodes into a mobile-optimized offer, which you can redeem off your screen.

Gather up all the coupons you have lying around. Whether they're from the Sunday paper, the mail, or just ones you found buried in your purse or couch, SnipSnap will mobilize them in a matter of minutes. When you get to a store, pull up the coupon barcode, promo code, or photograph and present to the cashier to redeem.

Don't have any coupons handy to scan? Use the Discover screen of the app to see what coupons your friends and family have snipped. You can also snip from or follow our featured coupon bundles, and search our massive database of coupons to find one on demand. Best of all: We'll remind you when you enter a store you have coupons saved for, or when a coupon expiration date is nearing. Aw, snap!

• IN-STORE REMINDERS: When you enter a store, SnipSnap delivers a push notification to remind you what coupons you have saved there.

• SCANS ALL COUPONS: Whether you get coupons from the newspaper, mail, magazines or elsewhere, you can import all of them into the app.

• FOLLOW FRIENDS: Connect to friends from your address book, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. Option to share your couponing activity to Facebook.

• EXPIRATION DATE ALERTS: Get notified when your coupons' expiration dates are approaching.

• STORE SUCCESS RATING: See how successful other users have been in redeeming at your favorite stores.


Before you buy anything online or off, search first to see if there's coupons for it. SnipSnap is great for finding and loading coupons into your mobile phone.
—The Today Show

SnipSnap lets you say goodbye to physical coupons.
—Leanna Lofte, iMore

It’s the ideal companion to those ready to leave behind the old shoebox and scissors for something a little more mobile.
—The Daily

SnipSnap is easy to use with a beautiful user interface. Plus, it’s useful in the context of daily life. ... This app is a must download.
—Kathryn Hough,

The moment I managed to get 10% lopped off of a bill at an Indian restaurant thanks to a coupon someone else shared sealed the deal — I’m a couponer now (my girlfriend will be thrilled).
—Chris Velazco, TechCrunch

Now that I am using SnipSnap, my fruitless junk-drawer searches are a thing of the past.
—Matt Elliot, CNET


LOCATION REPORTING: SnipSnap gives you the option to be notified about coupons based on your location. This feature uses a method for reporting location changes in the background. Note that this is only invoked and reported upon a significant location change event -- e.g. moving between two cell towers. As a result it does not typically cause the battery to be drained (unless you are, say, driving all day in the car). Location reporting can be easily disabled via the "Location Notifications" toggle in the Settings screen.

** Works at most retail, restaurant and local businesses. Manufacturer coupons (redeemed at grocery stores) are not supported. **

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    por Olga Lozano el 25/03/2015

    Muy buena aplicación lástima k muchas cajeras no quieran escanear el cupon

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    por Yesenia Palma el 01/01/2015

    Se be bueno

  • (67)

    por luzdary salazar el 01/12/2014

    Ma ayuda a ahorrar yme mantien al dia sobre nuevas ofertas

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    por maria sandoval el 20/10/2014


  • (67)

    por Gloria Ortega el 25/09/2014

    The best

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    por Violeta Regalado el 27/08/2014


  • (67)

    por Elisa Bermudez el 21/07/2014

    Snip snap

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