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FamilyGTG app allows you to build your family tree or import your family's GEDCOM file so you can easily check your family while you are on the go.

- Create new family tree directly from the device.
- Import GEDCOM genealogy files easily (GEDCOM Viewer).
- Export family trees to GEDCOM files (send via email or store on device).
- Unlimited number of family trees can be added.
- Add and remove family members, and set relations between them.
- Search family members by name.
- View member's full profile: relatives, personal info, and photo.
- Add, change, or remove member photos.
- Edit member information (name, birth, marriage details, note, etc.).
- Navigate through descendants & ancestors tree for a specific member.
- Add some members to bookmarks list for easy reference later.
- Browse events calendar (birth, marriage, ...) for each month. Today's events are highlighted.
- Enable daily events reminders.
- Browse family photo gallery.
- View or share a log of family edits (member added/edited/removed, etc.).
- Undo/Redo logged family edits.
- Show statistics about the family tree.
- Sample family tree can be optionally downloaded.
- Change app language. Available translations: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication) files can be created by any desktop software. Send the file to your device via any method: bluetooth, ... etc. FamilyGTG then scans your device for any GEDCOM files (with .ged extention) so they can be imported.

Cambios recientes en esta versión

[Version 1.2.3]
New options for ‘Calendar’ and daily events reminders.
- Go to ‘Calendar’ page, press ‘Menu’ button, select ‘Reminders’ option, and select ‘On’/'Off' to enable/disable daily reminders.
- More ‘Events’ (Engagement, Marriage) and new ‘Filter’, and ’Sort’ options added for ‘Calendar’ page.
- New member’s information fields added: Phone, E-Mail.
- Miscellaneous quality enhancements.

[Version 1.2.2]
Character sets setting is now supported for GEDCOM import.

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    por Chango HirAsk el 25/01/2014

    ¿Como se ordena por apellido y/o nombre? O.O Debería contar con esa opción, por lo demás, excelente...