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Galaxy S Unlock

Sim unlock Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and his Variants (Vibrant, Captivate), Galaxy Tab and Note.

This app unlock by "patch" nv_data files.
All files are backuped at step 1.

Don't use on old Docomo phones, they don't have the same nv_data.
Don't use on 4G, nv_data is not in the same folder.

For ATT phones, change your kernel if you have any problem in step 1

Galaxy S 4G users ( SGH-T959V): Thanks for your 1 star return my program don't work on your phone but it's noticed in the description.

If you don't have any code for sim unlock, if SGS Unlock Tool don't send codes, this apk is made for you !!!

Need: Root + Busybox


French (thanks to Quitos):

English (thanks to Amit Rawat):

Other language: if you have made one tutorial, sensd me the
link, i paste lit here.

This apk need internet 1-2 seconds for download 1kb~ (compressed generic file made by me)
After need 60seconds~ for decompile and rebuilt new nv_data with generic file and your actual nv_data file.

Busybox have install problems with lots of Galaxy S on android 2.2.

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

New firmwares have a new protection, at restart the phone is locked, i work on a new program for unlock the phone at all start automatically. At this time, you must unlock at all reboot.

3.05: Minor update for non working galaxy s

Changed the reboot method by only restart rild (thanx to Supercurio for the trick)
If you have any problem, click on restore saved efs folder.

Please Add comment if all work good or not, i don't have any I9300 for test on it.

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Aumentar - Captura de pantalla de Galaxy_S Unlock para Android
Comentarios y valoraciones de Galaxy_S Unlock
  • (66 estrellas)

    por gradixdo el 14/01/2012

    Unlock Galaxy S2 without problem locked on T-Mobile Croatia. Very easy to work.

  • (66 estrellas)

    por Maury Flores el 27/07/2014


  • (66 estrellas)

    por emiliano amoroz el 21/07/2014

    Me liberó el teléfono en 2 minutos y también puder crear un backup del IMEI por si algo salió mal. Probado en un Samsung Galaxy S1 SCL I9003/L

  • (66 estrellas)

    por Raquel Gordon el 12/07/2014

    no me sirve en mi celu para nada

  • (66 estrellas)

    por Diego Cardozo el 05/07/2014

    Esta en ingles

  • (66 estrellas)

    por Alexis Mejias el 27/06/2014

    Libera para uso internacional el sim?

  • (66 estrellas)

    por FERNANDO GALLEGOS ZARAGOZA el 19/06/2014


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