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GPS Averaging


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Allows to save GPS location much more precisely. Great geocaching tool for placing new geocaches. Can be used to precisely pinpoint any location.

* Precise location averaging weightened by GPS accuracy
* Email export with Google Maps link
* Show location in GMaps, Locus, ...
* Altitude averaging
* Various coordinate and unit formats
* English, German and Czech localization
* Export to GPX and KML files (PRO)

This free app is ad-supported. You can remove ads, unlock file export and support development using single in-app purchase.

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

* You won't loose coordinates when you rotate
* Fix for Locus integration
* completely redesigned to follow Android guidelines!
* in-app purchase instead of separate ad-free version (users who already bought it need to keep old ad-free version as a key)
* link to Google Maps in e-mail
* number of satellites while getting location
* settings for coordinate and unit format
* German localization
* new About screen

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Aumentar - Captura de pantalla de GPS Averaging para Android
Aumentar - Captura de pantalla de GPS Averaging para Android
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    por danielsmith506 el 09/04/2011

    Thank you so much.