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  • Aplicación esencial
  • Reinventa tu teléfono
  • Obviamente, sólo para los teléfonos 'root'
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Review del experto

"Instala tus ROMs con seguridad con sólo un toque (sólo roots)"

Review por / Jun 10, 2014

Descarga y administra tus ROMs, realiza y restaura copias de seguridad y haz particiones SD

Si no sabes lo que significa "ser root", investígalo antes de volver. Es absolutamente necesario.


Bienvenido de nuevo. Esta aplicación nos permite crear recovery points e instalar roms con sólo un clic.

Explicar todas las ventajas y desventajas que suponen convertirse en root sería demasiado arduo. Así que dicho en pocas palabras, lo primero que tendrías que hacer es crear un point recovery. Es tan fácil como tocar la primera opción que encuentras al instalar ROM Manager: Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

Una vez hecha la recuperación, basta con buscar algún sitio para un buen ROM e instalarlo. Normalmente, es una tarea un tanto difícil, pero ese es el principal uso de la instalación de un ROM: acercarte más a tu nuevo ROM en sólo dos toques.

Recomendamos que busques y sigas cualquier buen tutorial de los que se encuentran en los miles de blogs que hablan sobre Android. Convertirse en root te permite disfrutar de todo el potencial de un teléfono Android, pero también puede ser un verdadero desastre si lo descuidamos demasiado.

Rom Manager es una de las pocas aplicaciones que recomendamos comprar directamente, sin probar la versión gratuita. Es absolutamente necesario para todos los teléfonos root.

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Descripción original del desarrollador disponible aquí
ROM Manager is THE MUST HAVE APP for any Android root user. (Over 10 million downloads and counting!)

* Flash your recovery to the latest and greatest ClockworkMod recovery.
* Manage your ROMs via a handy UI.
* Organize and perform backups and restores from within Android!
* Install ROMs from your SD card.
* Install your favorite ROMs over the air!

Premium Version:
* Incremental update zips (save your data plan!)
* Premium ROMs
* Receive notifications for when your ROM is updated!
* Automatic backups
* Install Queue
* Web Connect
* Backup Download Server lets you easily transfer backups as flashable zips to your computer.

Do you prefer using only recovery manually? Check out the Touch Recovery in app purchase, for the most advanced recovery available!

Why does ROM Manager ask for account permissions?
Web Connect only needs to access your Google account to connect it to your google account. It can't access any private data or passwords.

ClockworkMod Touch Recovery:
ClockworkMod Touch recovery (and recovery) is work that needs to put in for every new device that is released by a manufacturer.
If work on ROM Manager ceased completely, all the premium features would continue working without issue. However, new recoveries do not port and build themselves. Without ClockworkMod Touch being a per device purchase, there is no way to recoup recurring server costs and labor. Keeping ROM Manager free and operational costs tens of thousands of dollars a year, and that does not include engineering costs.
Your support is appreciated.

Droid users: Stuck at the "M" logo? Flash an alternate recovery and flash back to ClockworkMod.
HTC Users: Flash recovery not working? Try fastbooting a recovery on.
Droid X/2/Pro Users: You must run the Bootstrap application first to use ROM Manager.
Samsung users: You must flash a Clockwork compatible kernel first (see XDA forums)


Cambios recientes en esta versión Only fix permissions on non-system apps. Better Fix Permissions tool (thanks Wil Wheaton!) Crash fixes. Revamp install from SDCard. Add support for Loki patch. Delta download bug fixes. Revamp comments service. All users can comment and rate. Can now view all backups, internal and external, in the restore/manage list ROM Manager now support TWRP Delta downloads Fix crash

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  • (70)

    por bryan alarcon el 05/11/2012

    i hate this app because of this app the phone of my broken now my brother is crying.

  • (70)

    por dj_0418 el 29/09/2012

    The requested item could not be found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • (70)

    por mujahidzain el 04/07/2012

    item not found message tried all the links no use ,

  • (70)

    por pippin73 el 11/05/2012

    After scanning QR code: Not Found. The requested item could not be found.

    Sprint HTC Hero

  • (70)

    por kevingillie el 05/03/2012

    Same as ccmrRichie...fix your links for download. What a rip off.

  • (70)

    por ccmrRichie el 23/02/2012

    When I click on the download in the Email to dowload ROM Manager, I get the message item cannot be found. Please help...............

  • (70)

    por vinnie909 el 10/02/2012

    When will it be made to support the Vivid

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