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** Requires root **

This app is designed to fix update problems that come from mismatched signatures between Superuser.apk on your phone, and Superuser.apk on the Market. If successful, this app will let you update from the market even if you've had trouble before.

Special thanks to Joël Bourquard for technical help writing this, and @fitsnugly on twitter for the icon.

Note: This app requires busybox. A static build of busybox is included in the app, but is only used if you do not have busybox already installed. The included version should work on most phones. If it does not work for you, please email me at the link below so we can get it working.

Support request emails that simply say "Doesn't work" or something to that effect are automatically deleted by our stupidity filter and will not be answered.

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

- Bundled busybox to ensure widest compatibility
- Streamlined fix process

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Comentarios y valoraciones de Superuser Update Fixer
  • (37 estrellas)

    por colo capacco el 28/06/2014

    no me sirve para su propósito. mi problema al actualizar empieza con "descargando manifest... ERROR" en el actualizador de binario del SU. ésta app sólo me revisa el signature y me dice que no hay problemas, pero si fuerzo el fix me da FORZAR CIERRE, igual que su al reintentar la actualización.

  • (37 estrellas)

    por alberto lom el 06/06/2014

    Todo me dice ok..

  • (37 estrellas)

    por de todo yes el 05/06/2014

    Le doy en forzar y a la mitad me marca error

  • (37 estrellas)

    por Juan Manuel Galvez Salvado el 04/06/2014

    Aplicacion que ayuda en la informacion de las actualizaciones.

  • (37 estrellas)

    por Robinson David Vallejo el 01/06/2014

    Aparese fail

  • (37 estrellas)

    por Thomas Agustin Benitez el 31/05/2014

    no me anda

  • (37 estrellas)

    por Geovanny Aguilera Carillo el 25/05/2014

    Esta perfecta

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