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Hawaii Surf Forecast allows you to gather surf reports in Hawaii from Surf News Network and NOAA Surf Forecast in a clean and elegant manner so you can spend less time loading web pages and more time at the beach.

This not the official Surf News Network app, just one created by someone who loves the ocean hopefully for others who love the ocean.

Key Features:
- View a complete overview of the next few days for swell and wind.

- Easily swipe through pages to find out a more detailed report of the surf for each day or location. Different colors are used to quickly indicate the size of the waves without having to actually read the heights.

- Effortlessly back and forth to retrieve the different tides for a specific location.

- Glance at NOAA Buoy information to find what the latest water temperatures, wave heights, and periods are.

- Quickly call the surf forecast hotline from within the app to hear the most up to date on location reports.

- Automatically update and store the forecast information so the internet is only required when performing a refresh. Useful for several locations on the island with poor service.

- Share all this information with your friends by simply clicking the share icon found in almost every page!

- Save your favorite island and height scale to view the information you want even faster.

Possible future features based upon interest:
- Source code to be published online
- Tide Charts / Improved tide navigation with calendars
- Notifications based upon the forecast (e.g. get notified when the North Shore is over 5 feet in the Hawaiian scale and the winds are less than 25 mph)
- Home screen widgets
- Weather forecasts
- Improved Quick Forecast page
- Notes to allow the user to save information about a specific day to easily pull up later to see what conditions were present
- GPS integration to allow quicker location lookup based on the users location

Contact: Contact me at aaronfuj@gmail.com for any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

Tides should be back in v1.4g

-Tides are now back. The first refresh may take several minutes, but once that is done you should have tides for all of 2015.

-Some bug fixes from NOAA pages.
-Have to temporarily disable tides for the new year since NOAA does not provide the data yet. Hopefully fix this soon.

-Fixed a bug when upgrading the app causing crashes during refresh.

-Tides partially fixed (no sunrise/sunset)

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