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  • Caesar's Cipher / ROT-Cypher




    This is an application for decoding text encrypted with the Caesar's Cipher also known as ROT-Encryption.

  • Kalaha - African Board Game




    Kalaha - african board game This is a first Version NO FANCY Layout! Well playing computer-AI-opponent New releases ahead. Please comment, what you think about the app!

  • AdMob Dashboard




    Controlar y realizar un seguimiento de sus ganancias AdMob de todas partes. Rápido y sencillo. Una consola sencilla, limpia Admob ver el seguimiento de sus ingresos. Esta es una aplicación Admob simple pero eficaz para Android.Esta aplicación es * sólo * para * DESARROLLADORES * con aplicaciones...

  • Ohm's Law Easy




    An easy ohm's law caculator, that shows the connection between voltage, current and resistance. Can be used for teaching the Ohms' Law in class. (Permissions are needed for the ads, NO access to any (real) personal information. Coarse (!) Location is needed to show the ads in your...

  • Hintdecoder for Geocaching




    Simple and convenient program to decrypt/encrypt texts e.g. within the game of geocaching. You can choose between different ROT-methods (ROT13,ROT18,ROT47,custom) and different methods of conversion and summing up as A=1, A=26, Vanity/SMS, ASCII and Crossfoot. But let the users speak (comments...

  • Incognito Private Browser




    INCO es un completo navegador seguro, de incógnito y privado Android.INCO es el mejor navegador si quieres visitar adultos, citas, películas, sitios médicos o privadas sin que nadie sepa acerca de usted mismo!Todas las páginas visitadas y todos los datos (formularios, cookies, historial) se...

  • Ohm's Law PLUS




    ************************** YOU can HELP us, by translating the app into your language. To do so follow the link and fill the form, it will cost you no more than 3 Minutes. http://goo.gl/0n58n ************************** An easy ohm's law caculator, that shows the connection between voltage,...

  • THE Percentage Calculator




    Percentor is the ultimate percentage calculator app! Percentor is an all-in-one percentage calculator! Enter two values or one value and one percent-value. Percentor quickly calculates the following figures and tells you how to understand. Two values (A+B) - A is x% of B. - B is x% of B. - A...

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