• Easy Installer - Apps On SD

    Easy Installer - Apps On SD




    Herramienta más fácil y rápida para instalar aplicaciones, le ayuda instalar aplicaciones de la tarjeta SD. (.apk)Funciones * Instalar aplicaciones desde la tarjeta SD* Eliminar aplicaciones desde la tarjeta SD* Instalar y borrar aplicaciones en lotes * Filtrar según nombre de aplicaciones*...

  • Game Booster - juego rápido

    Game Booster - juego rápido




    Game Booster puede aumentar la velocidad con la que se ejecutan tus juegos, liberando la memoria antes de ponerlos en marcha.■ Pasos a seguir-----------------------------• Selecciona los juegos que quieres acelerar• Pulsa el icono del juego para acelerarlo e iniciarlo• Disfruta del juego■ User...

  • Permission Manager - App Ops

    Permission Manager - App Ops




    Manage permissions of apps with NO ROOT. Shortcut of Permission Manager (App Ops) for Android 4.3. Permission Manager (App Ops) is a new feature introduced by Android 4.3 to manage permissions of apps without root permission. It can help you to secure your android device and protect your privacy...

  • Ad Remove Plugin for App2SD

    Ad Remove Plugin for App2SD



    0,99 €

    Ad Remove Plugin for App2SD (not an Ad block app). Notice: It cannot remove Ads from any apps other than App2SD. Purchase the Ad Remover to remove the Ad from App2SD published by INFOLIFE LLC. Q: How to use it? A: Purchase and install it, then restart your App2SD, you will find the Ad removed...

  • EZ Launcher

    EZ Launcher




    EZ Launcher(beta) is coming, a cool home replacement app, with the most convenient way to operate & organize your phone. #Features: - Genius app list brings you the app you most want - Auto category can help you automatically categorize your apps - Quick app search to find the app you want...

  • iTag - Music Tag Editor

    iTag - Music Tag Editor




    A music tag editor on your phone! #Feature *Standard id3 tags support. *Music Title, Artist and Album editor *Support quick search and preview in player *Easy Cover with "lucky cover" *Support mp3, ogg, m4a and flac. #Please send me a bug report before you give 1 star, 1 star...

  • 5.0
    Desinstalador fácil Pro

    Desinstalador fácil Pro



    1,59 €

    Selecciona varias apps a la vez y desinstálalas fácilmente

  • EZ Bookmark Widget

    EZ Bookmark Widget




    Notice: this widget is only supported by EZ Launcher, please install EZ Launcher first. It features: ============ Show bookmark and browser history on your home screen. 1-click to open bookmark or history on default browser. Support add and edit bookmark. Support check your history order by...

  • EZ Switch Widget

    EZ Switch Widget




    Notice: this widget is only supported by EZ Launcher, please install EZ Launcher first. Features: ============ Quick toggles for wifi,data network,GPS,bluetooth,auto refresh,screen lightness, flying mode, silent mode, etc. Widgets on Android work a bit differently than a normal application....

  • EZ Task Manager Widget

    EZ Task Manager Widget




    Notice: This widget is only supported by EZ Launcher, please install EZ Launcher first. Task Killer is a tool to kill app and clean memory. It's a convenient tool to clean up the phone! Please note that this widget is only compatible with our EZ launcher! KW: taskiller taskkiller task...

  • Christmas Tree Widget

    Christmas Tree Widget




    Merry Christmas! Do you want to have a Christmas tree on your home screen? Do you want to decorate it by yourself? Do you want to play the Christmas song? Download this app widget and enjoy it! Don't forget to share it with your family and friends, they will love it too! This app is not a...

  • EZ Downloader Torrent

    EZ Downloader Torrent




    Download files directly to your phone or tablet easily, including torrent support. (BETA) Feature: 1. HTTP multithread downloading. 2. Torrent downloading. 3. Fast and Free, no limits. 4. In-browser downloader choice support. Tip: When you click a downloadable link in your browser, system...

  • iSearch Widget Pro

    iSearch Widget Pro



    2,49 €

    A tool to help u to search on specified search engine/website. Support MORE THAN 50+ website Amazon Ask A9 bing bestbuy target all music newegg wowarmory facebook effet ebay imdb indeed wiki Picasa youtube IGN walmart bing twitter gamespot flickr dmoz yahoo biblegateway etc Features...

  • Tip Calculator Donate Version

    Tip Calculator Donate Version



    0,79 €

    Mejor calculadora de propinas sin AD!Último potente y muy fácil de usar!El mejor compañero cada vez que es necesario calcular una propina o dividir una comida entre amigos.Esta calculadora de punta no sólo calcular la punta rápidamente, pero también ayuda a dividir la cuenta entre cualquier...

  • Battery Defender AD Remover

    Battery Defender AD Remover



    7,99 €

    This app is an add on for Battery Defender. If you buy this app, the banner ad will disappear in Battery Defender. Please make sure you get the latest version of Battery Defender.

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