• Newsday





    Newsday, Long Island's Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper of record, goes wherever you go. Get breaking news bulletins and extensive Long Island local news coverage 24/7 with the Newsday app for Android. The Newsday app is a free benefit to Newsday subscribers and Optimum Online customers. To...

  • amNewYork





    amNewYork, Manhattan’s largest daily newspaper, is now on your Android, 24/7. The full-color daily paper for and about New York City is as close as your mobile device, where you can download the entire paper and read it wherever you go, whenever you want. The amNewYork app for Android brings you...

  • Explore Long Island

    Explore Long Island




    The exploreLI app is your comprehensive guide to Long Island restaurants, the best bars and clubs, great shopping, family fun, beaches, outdoor recreation, music venues, museums and more. Plus, it comes complete with tips, critic reviews, user ratings, articles and the latest deals. The exploreLI...

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