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  • Cape Cod Travel Essentials

    Cape Cod Travel Essentials




    ★ A hefty sampler of sun, sand, clam shacks... ★ There's so much 'white noise' in the world of travel information that it's hard to filter the great from the ehhhh. And besides, who has the time? Both problems are overcome with this discriminating and editorial app. You can cut...

  • Sonoma Winery Tour

    Sonoma Winery Tour



    2,24 €

    Updated, expanded and improved for the wine touring season by local Tour Guides Ralph & Lahni de Amicis. This interactive guide makes it easy to choose, find and enjoy Sonoma’s 100’s of charming wineries, good deals, beautiful views, interesting tours, friendly staff, tasty markets and lovely...

  • Oregon Wine

    Oregon Wine



    2,28 €

    From the bustling, hipster-heavy city of Portland to the golden, undulating hills of the Columbia Valley, wine country is everywhere in Oregon. Whether you're new to wine or a unapologetic terroiriste, Oregon Uncorked will immerse you in the pleasures of Oregon's handcrafted wines. In...

  • Santa Fe: The City Different

    Santa Fe: The City Different

    2,38 €

    Santa Fe's nickname, The City Different, means different things to different people. To some it's an enchanted piece of the Old West, while others see a place of art and culture, a food-lovers' paradise, or an intriguing blend of Spanish, Indian and Anglo cultures. It's all of...

  • Napa Winery Tour

    Napa Winery Tour



    2,24 €

    Napa's most popular Wine Tour Guide App, updated for the wine touring season by local Tour Guides Ralph & Lahni de Amicis. This interactive guide makes it easy to enjoy Napa’s 100’s of charming wineries,restaurants and lodgings, with detailed, honest descriptions, 1000's of original...

  • South Africa Travel

    South Africa Travel



    1,49 €

    South Africa is a place of great beauty, divergent landscapes, incredible wildlife and an amazing array of activities in perfect sunshine year-round. It is one of the world's most popular hiking, extreme sports, and birding destinations. It has one of the world's eight great floral...

  • Portland Insider

    Portland Insider

    2,31 €

    ★ Portland's Quirky, Hidden Gems ★ Hidden (and not so hidden) in the corners of the Rose City await surprises that Keep Portland Weird. Portland Insider is an on-the-go travel guide for visitors, those new to town, or even long time residents who seek unique activities beyond the mainstream....

  • Bahamas Bliss: Bimini

    Bahamas Bliss: Bimini



    3,02 €

    -National Geographic Traveler, The Travel Channel, Forbes Travel, and AOL Travel, have all recently named The Biminis one of the top snorkeling, and SCUBA diving spots in the world, backdrop to countless underwater movies depicting the best of cinematography. -The Biminis,“Gateway to the...

  • Provencal Roaming

    Provencal Roaming



    2,31 €

    Provence is one of those magical destinations which travellers dream about - blue skies, warm days, balmy evenings, healthy cuisine, splendid architecture, a fascinating heritage and the wonderful sing-song accent of the local inhabitants, the Provençaux. It is almost as much a state of mind as a...

  • Up North! Grand Traverse

    Up North! Grand Traverse

    2,31 €

    ★ A Fresh Look at the Best Things Up North ★ There’s no better place to vacation in Michigan. It’s so beautiful here that people out east call Cape Cod the Grand Traverse of Massachusetts. Here in Northwest Michigan you will find miles upon miles of sandy beach, green hills flush with orchards...

  • California Essential Guide

    California Essential Guide



    3,76 €

    Named "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" by Apple. *Winner of YouTube's January 2012 "On the Rise" award!* "A 'Must Have' For Traveling To California." — "Born and raised in California, Veronica has 30+ years of...

  • Virginia Wine In My Pocket

    Virginia Wine In My Pocket



    0,72 €

    ★ Your guide to traveling Virginia wine country ★ Virginia Wine in My Pocket is a website and companion app designed to guide travelers through Virginia's booming wine country. Whether you’re looking for a day-trip with friends, a romantic weekend, a week-long wine adventure, or a quick stop...

  • Italian Menu Decoder

    Italian Menu Decoder



    3,63 €

    This new app will be a perfect companion for exploring the world of Italian food. It's comprehensive—some 6,000 words in all, including dialect words and local dishes from every region of Italy. Easy navigation lets you puzzle through any restaurant menu in a snap. And it's much more...

  • Europe Discoveries

    Europe Discoveries



    1,47 €

    Europe Discoveries can help you plan your vacation before you go - helping your choose the attractions, countries and cities you most want to see. Then travels with you providing information about good hotels and restaurants by location and price all over Europe. Plus offers practical tips about...

  • Berlin ✭Essential✭ Guide

    Berlin ✭Essential✭ Guide



    2,24 €

    Get a handle on Berlin's eye-watering array of options with our simple but powerful app. Whether you're into Third Reich history, techno dance temples or the ultimate Currywurst, there are insider tips for every budget and interest! Boasting 675 entries, 125,000 words and thousands of...

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