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Más grande - Captura de pantalla de Minetower para Android
Más grande - Captura de pantalla de Minetower para Android
Más grande - Captura de pantalla de Minetower para Android
Más grande - Captura de pantalla de Minetower para Android
Minetower is a tower defense from Minecraft. You have to kill lot of mobs in order to earn Irons. Irons will be useful if you want to upgrade your armor, speed of arrow, etc...

Minetower will occupy you while waiting at the doctor, hairdresser and other boring places. Kill zombies in Minetower will decompress and enjoy yourself. Do not hesitate to share Minetower all around you, it's a FREE game and will remain forever.

Minetower is a great game, creating map is possible for each of you who want to participate in the advancement of the game A tutorial for creating map is available at the following address (speak french, with english subtitles):
Any new map will be voted on the Facebook page of Minetower (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Minetower-tower-defense-from-Minecraft/216048265194764). The best will be added in the game.

Minetower is currently in survival mode. However, the next update will add Minetower RPG mode, which will allow even more fun !!

For information:
©Mojang AB ,Minecraft creator, is not linked with Minetower. Futhermore, ©Mojang AB is not affiliated with ©Gamma Software, Minetower creator.

©Gamma Software is an Android application development company. The only one person who create this game is Valentin Rudloff, ©Gamma software creator, developer and creator of Minetower.

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

-ScoreLoop Added

-Level bug solved.
-The registration in Scoreloop is not required anymore. Nevertheless, your best scores won't be submitted.
-The speel "Fire" is replaced by the "Wolf".
-Button "Pause" added (as many people wanted).
-HUD adjusted.

-Possibility to move Minetower to SDCards
-Remove Ads by purcharsing.
-Possibility to buy stuffs (Irons, Gems)
-Possibility to move Steve verticaly
-New Maps
-More clarity when buying upgrades
-Graphics render improved

Comentarios y valoraciones de Minetower
  • (62 estrellas)

    por Kevin Zaid Lara Botello el 12/06/2014

    en pocas palabras esta CHIDO

  • (62 estrellas)

    por Javier Gonzalez el 09/06/2014

    Ay zombies esqueletos y slimes adiós

  • (62 estrellas)

    por delfi de Encalada el 03/06/2014

    Es prityyyyyyy aXD

  • (62 estrellas)

    por axel santos el 02/06/2014

    Lo Recomiendo

  • (62 estrellas)

    por José Iñaki Rodríguez Rodríguez el 01/06/2014

    Lo amo

  • (62 estrellas)

    por Imanol Molas el 29/05/2014

    el juego es visto desde arriba. te llegan oleadas de zombis. esqueletos. cerdos y slams. y tenes que defenderte disparando flechas. puedes mejdrar las flechas y tu resistencia a medida que ganas puntos... esta muy bueno y muy entretenido lo recomiendo

  • (62 estrellas)

    por Dillan Mendoza el 27/05/2014

    Este juego es un ---- no me gusto