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SuperLivePro is a specially developed monitoring software for the iPhone.
Customers can view real time video streaming, control operations on the iPhone

Function description:
1.Support real time video streaming
2.Support 1/4/ split screen display
3.Support PTZ control(Direction/Zoom/Focus/Iris/Preset Points/Cruise)
4.Support channel video capture/record/playback/backup to PC by iTunes
5.Support channel audio play
6.Support talk
7.Support channel color adjustment (Requires DVR firmware 3.0 or later)
8.Support remote video search by time/event/file (Requires DVR firmware 3.0 or later)
9.Support DVR remote configuration (Requires DVR firmware 3.0 or later)
10.Support DVR information query (Requires DVR firmware 3.0 or later)
11.Support auto-reconnect feature
12.Support device list. No number limit
13.Support preview different channel from different device at same time.
14.Support favorite channel and favorite group
15.Support fast study
16.Support user help
17.Remember last login account information
18.Support backup or restore serverlist

----------------------------------F&Q: -------------------------------------

1.How do I upgrade my device from 2.7 to 3.0?

2.7 version of the device can not be upgraded to version 3.0.They are two different types of device.
More information can contact the equipment dealer

2. How to determine whether SuperLivePro support my device ?

You can search for "SuperLive" keyword in App Store.If SuperLive support your equipment, SuperLivePro should be able to.

3. Why SuperLivePro sometimes quit unexpectedly?

Use SuperLivePro needs some memory space.You can close some programs running in the background

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

--------------------------Upgrade instructions--------------------------

Upgrade features:

1. Supports online backup and restore server list.
2. Fast study.
3. Help documentation.
4. Change the software icon.
5. Provides group and favorite group in CMS mode.
6. Remember login device information.
7. Default net type selection: 3G/3G+/WIFI (high video quality).

Fix bugs:

1. Fixed the PTZ bug.
2. Fixed the server-list loss bug.
3. Fixed the PC-DVR connection issues.
4. Fixed some other bugs.

--------------------------Additional instructions--------------------------

1. When you select the network mode to 3G-,remote playback and quality priority cannot be supported .
2. SDI or NVR products cannot support remote playback and quality priority.
3. NVR or IPC connection number of channels must not exceed 2.

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