Heroes of Order & Chaos: el juego multijugador online

Heroes of Order & Chaos: el juego multijugador online


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  • Characters aren't customizable
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"League of Heroes of Legends"

Review por / Feb 21, 2013

A multi-player Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

MOBA games have found a nice niche within mobile gaming industry, mainly because they allow a wide series of possibilities, and this Heroes of Order and Chaos is no exception. They can be played alone (you should at first, indeed) or go into the wild into multiplayer-ness.

In case you haven't realized it yet, game's about defeating all your enemies, it doesn't matter they are human or AI controlled, in a maze-like stage. It has some RPG elements, as there are experience levels and skill trees. The fact there are 30 unlockable different characters, each having their own techniques, makes a game with a simple gameplay as "tap to move and tap to shoot" become unexpectedly deep.

Game's beautifully voiced (darned I if that voice isn't Asphalt's!) and graphics are zoom-in-able, though you will unlikely do so in the heat of the battle. It may sound as a cliche, but this game is really easy to learn but hellishly hard to master, especially if you dare to play online. Gameloft has been faithful to its philosophy of not being the most original developer on Earth, but create great and very playable games instead.

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Descripción original del desarrollador disponible aquí
• Elige entre más de 30 héroes únicos, desde matones cuerpo a cuerpo hasta magos devastadores
• Juega gratis con diferentes personajes y disfruta de la rotación de héroes gratuitos
• ¡Desarrolla y mejora tus habilidades y equipamiento para superar a tus enemigos y dominar las partidas!
• Acción en tiempo real: explora el mapa y tiende emboscadas a tus oponentes en la confusión de la batalla

» Una experiencia envolvente para jugar con amigos o en solitario «
• Juega en solitario o en multijugador en dos tipos de mapas (3c3 o 5c5)
• Consigue partidas adictivas cooperando con tus amigos y conspirando contra el otro equipo
• Desarrolla estrategias de equipo que te permitan dominar Haradon

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Cambios recientes en esta versión

3 New Heroes: Try the deadly Dailiana, wild Kotun, and vicious Kortav.
Events have been improved: Record your participation in special events so you can earn better and better rewards the more you take part.
New Tablets: Even more ways to customize and optimize your favorite heroes.
Power up with new items for every class, and lay your enemies to waste.
New hero balance adjustments based on your feedback.
New players can now register to play directly through their Game Center or Facebook account.

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