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    Babies and Toddlers just love popping bubbles and now it’s Bubble Time! Can you pop all the bubbles as they float past? The more you pop, the quicker and thicker they come!

    Babybot Bubble Time is a great way to relax on your own or with your toddler or baby, a beautifully executed example of how Android games for kids should be done.

    With simple, intuitive gameplay, bright graphics and great music, it’s all about having fun and spending time together.

    The premise is simple enough: Pop bubbles as they float past. It's the extra features and attention to detail which makes this app stand out.

    Central to the game are the Power Up bubbles. Pop these and fun things happen, such as rainbows, bigger bubbles, color changes, bubble flurries and butterflies.

    Babybot the robot also plays peek-a-boo throughout the game, provoking squeals of delight from little kids.

    The game has been carefully crafted to keep the interests of child and parent in mind. It’s entirely free with no in-game advertising or purchases.

    Babies love it, toddlers love it but adults love it too! Who doesn't like popping bubbles?

    With new features and extra power ups in the pipeline, the future looks bubbly for Babybot Bubble Time!

    • Increasing difficulty
    • Many ‘Power Up’ bubbles, triggering fun events - Multiply bubbles, big bubbles, tiny bubbles, rainbow, music, color change, windy, butterflies and more.
    • Friendly Babybot robot who says Hello and plays peek-a-boo ... Babies love him!
    • Sound and Music toggle.
    • Optional Airplane Mode
    • No in-game adverts or purchases

    Disclaimer - NEVER leave your child unattended. Don’t leave your child to play apps on their own - Play together!

    Privacy Statement - We do not store any of your personal information at any time, and have no need for excess app permissions.

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