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    Review de Very Memo - Keep it In Simple

    Publicado: 2014-05-30, por Ana Gracia.

    Una aplicación organizadora simple para uso diario

    • Fácil de usar
    • Para el uso del día a día
    • Hay aplicaciones similares

    "¿Qué tengo que hacer hoy?"

    Very Memo - Keep it In Simple es una aplicación útil que ayudará a los usuarios a ser más organizados y a planear todas sus citas y tener un seguimiento de todo lo que tienen que hacer.

    La aplicación tiene un diseño muy simple pero por eso es tan fácil de utilizar: sólo tiene unos cuantos botones y las instrucciones no son ni siquiera necesarias. Viclands Workshop es el desarrollador de Very Memo - Keep it In Simple, una aplicación que es tan útil como simple, y ya hemos visto aplicaciones similares.

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    por Anna , Appszoom

    May 30, 2014


    Very Memo keeps everything in simple and is designed for easy to use but still yet powerful enough.Providing only the features needed for note taking from home and work. You can store any great idea, such as your dating, appointment and reminder list in Very Memo.

    Key features
    * A simple and concise user interface made your note taking work easier every day
    * Organize your memo by the input date
    * An Internal rich editor will help you to well organize your text
    * Create and edit your notes and update them mutually
    * You can search any Memo with key words
    * Cut, copy and paste function while note taking
    * Create Remind Alarm for your memo
    * You can attach a photo from Camera/Gallery to your Memo
    * You can share text/image in a memo to other apps
    * You can send text/image from other apps to create a new Memo

    Very Memo can use as a memo, todo list, msg, message, post, note, book, task, list, postit or note taking app

    AppsZoom review
    "A simple organizer app for the everyday use

    Very Memo - Keep it In Simple is a useful application that will help users become more organized and schedule all your appointments and keep track of everything you need to do.

    The app has a very simple design but that's the reason why it's so simple to use: there are only a few buttons and instructions aren't even necessary. Viclands Workshop is the developer of Very Memo - Keep it In Simple, an app that is as helpful as simple, and we have definitely seen similar apps."

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