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    Publicado: 2012-09-10, por Mar GP.

    Bluetooth File Transfer supera a la app del sistema Andriod añadiendo más archivos y formatos

    • Multiformato
    • Zip y unzip
    • Gestor de archivos
    • Carpetas de pantalla
    • Varios idiomas (también en español)
    • Sólo para usuarios avanzados
    • La app por defecto de Android funciona correctamente

    "Más archivos y formatos para compartir vía bluetooth"

    Gracias a esta aplicación podrás compartir thumbnails para APK, audios, videos e imágenes en archivos comprimidos en .zip, .gzip o .tar. El bluetooth ya no estará sólo de adorno si puedes compartir y administrar cualquier tipo de archivo desde la propia aplicación. Básicamente, esto es lo que podrás hacer con Bluetooth File Transfer: extraer .zip, crear carpetas y ordenar archivos y marcadores, entre otras tareas. Además, la app incluye varios idiomas.

    En general, se trata de una buena herramienta, pero tiene una pega importante: la mayoría de los usuarios no necesitan una app de transferencia por bluetooth tan exhaustiva, ya que que tienen más que suficiente con la app que Android incorpora por defecto. Además, hay muchas otras forma de compartir archivos. Así que la elección que hagas al final será 100% personal.

    Bluetooth File Transfer es un desarrollo de Medieval Software, un negocio emergente centrado en transferencia y gestión de archivos. Sólo tiene dos app en el mercado aunque ambas acumulan ya una gran cantidad de descargas.

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    por Mar , Appszoom

    Sep 10, 2012


    Use your smartphone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device, using File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object Push Profile (OPP): you can also receive files and send contacts!

    GUIDE> (by Absolutely Android)

    * Custom security manager for incoming BT connections: only authorized devices can connect, if you accept. If you refuse, no access is granted on your servers: personal data files and privacy are safe against hacker, nerd, geek and guru (enanched Bluetooth server security is disabled by default)

    * 3rd party applications can open (or pick) files from sdcard using this package like attachment, music, pictures or any multimedia file (no external intents are supported for performance purpose)

    * Support for legacy 2.0 and AES (128, 192 and 256 bit) encryption (both pack and unpack) of Zip files (like WinZIP or WinRAR) - keep private document secure using a long pass to protect it

    * Enhanced all-in-one app with the fastest file browser ever seen (you can verify by yourself, test it now)

    * Professional, clean and fast UI where you can customize any aspect of the file viewer. Customizable user interface in order to best fit your needs (expert only)

    * Thumbnails for APK, audio, video, image (also inside archive files: Zip, GZip, TAR) - thumb picture (miniature) not stored on cell phone memory

    * It can connect to new and old cellphone: nokia, samsung, lg, sony (Android does not support infrared IR pan)

    * Search files also inside Zip, GZ, Tar (advanced searching inside archive can take double time to complete)

    * Improved contact send function in order to manipulate telephone numbers on generated VCARD (vcf) files

    * Cut, copy, move, paste, delete multiple items using the integrated explorer of this application

    * You can full unhide (or hide) hidden media (both smartphone and sd memory)

    * OBEX layer (obexftp and obexopp) entirely developed by Medieval Software

    * Compress, uncompress and extract Zip (encrypt with password), GZip, Tar

    * Cleaner program settings view using shortcut icons pane

    * Sharing: you can share a single file or an entire path

    * Powerful bookmark feature with precise sorting

    * Contact send screen supports contacts groups
    * Test and check archive integrity (deflate)
    * Desktop folders shortcuts
    * Calculate MD5 and CRC32
    * Power saving management
    * Streaming service
    * No root required
    * Multi language
    * Multiselect
    * Home folder
    * File sort
    * Open as

    Freeware with AD (free software) - You can now remove advertising from this application by purchasing "Medieval Licensing System" on the Android Market!

    NOTE - SDPD (uuid port route) may not work on Android 1.5 and 1.6 so friend services could not reach you!


    FAQ> Why "Bluetooth File Transfer" requires the contact read permissions?

    A. In order to send your contacts over Bluetooth, if you wish, for example to your car-kit or to another smartphone. Open main menu, select Send contacts item, put a check beside the contacts you would like to send and finally press Send button.

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