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    Living acupressure (massage)

    / / Por los síntomas

    frío (la influenza), alta temperatura, el mal aliento, vómitos, indigestión aguda, dolor de cabeza, hipo, el mareo por movimiento, tiene un calambre en el cuello, la disfunción eréctil, estreñimiento, insomnio, anemia, exceso de irregularidad en la menstruación, menstrual, dolor menstrual, diarrea, indigestión, síndrome premenstrual, trastorno del tracto intestinal, rechinar los dientes, las hemorroides (almorranas), congestión nasal, ronquidos, hemorragia nasal, nariz encierros, una erupción en la lengua / /

    -What is Finger Pressure?

    Finger pressure is an ancient eastern method of healing. Finger pressure aim to stimulate the body to heal itself and potentially promote healing.

    Finger pressure, as I practice it, brings into balance the body's basic systems. Finger pressure is effective, safe and easy.

    -How to practice finger pressure
    When you have located the point and your fingers are comfortably positioned right on the spot gradually lean your weight toward the point to apply the pressure.

    - An acupuncture point in body parts
    head and neck, trunk, arm and finger ,leg and foot

    - do's and don'ts
    +avoid practing acupressure right before a big meal or on a full stomach.
    +If you have a serious illness life an high blood pressure, talk to your doctor.
    +pregnant women
    + baby finger-pressure
    -By symptoms
    cold(influenza), high heat, bad breath, vomiting , acute indigestion, headache, hiccup, motion sickness, have a crick in the neck, erectile dysfunction, constipation, insomnia, anemia, excessive menstruation, menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, diarrhea, indigestion, premenstrual syndrome, gastroenteric disorder, teeth grinding, hemorrhoids(piles),nasal congestion, snoring, nosebleed, nose runnings, a rash on the tongue

    -By theme

    the upper part of the belly
    the underbelly
    suppress the appetite
    feeling of hunger

    -skin care
    sebum control

    -relieving hangovers
    relieving headache

    -pregnant women
    morning sickness

    -baby finger-pressure
    baby finger-pressure caution
    baby high heat
    the circulation of the blood
    vomiting of milk
    baby diarrhea

    be slow on the uptake
    stiff back and waist
    wrist fatigue
    shoulder fatigue
    stiff neck
    emotional instability

    -in office

    -while driving
    motion sickness

    -Get cramped in the leg
    cramping prevention

    -No smoking

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