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    Contacta con tu red de seguridad o la policía cuando tengas problemas

    • Tecnología IPS
    • Servicio de seguridad para el campus
    • Fácil y rápida de configurar
    • Envía alertas a tus contactos y a la policía
    • Necesitas conexión a internet
    • Consume batería

    "Siéntete seguro en EE.UU. y Canadá"


    La innovadora app Guardly promete protegerte porque te conecta a tu red de seguridad con más de 15 contactos a través de una videoconferencia o un mensaje instantáneo. También puede llamar a la policía si estás en apuros.

    Es fácil de usar y de configurar, además te permite conectar con estudiantes universitarios o con la seguridad del campus al utilizar la tecnología revolucionaria IPS para rastrear tu ubicación a tiempo real.


    La app está bien diseñada y es fácil de configurar. En caso de emergencia puedes enviar información concreta a tus seres queridos: desde "me están siguiendo" hasta "ataque de alergia por cacahuetes".

    Si eres estudiante en Canadá o EE.UU. o formas parte del programa Safe Campus de Guardly la app te conectará con la seguridad del campus cuando hagas saltar la alerta de emergencia.


    Hay algunas características que no funcionan sin conexión a internet. En caso de emergencia, el GPS hará que la batería se gaste más rápidamente.

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    Jun 25, 2015


    The fastest way to contact family, friends & 911 when you’re in danger, and help them to reach and locate you.

    One-tap quickly connects you with up to 15 safety contacts by conference call and/or private instant messaging.

    ✔ Advanced GPS location accuracy
    ✔ Easily escalate emergencies to 911
    ✔ Reach 15+ people in one-tap
    ✔ Alerts sent by phone call, email & SMS
    ✔ Snap + share photos with your group
    ✔ Many custom dialing & group options
    ✔ Network failure protection
    ✔ Create unlimited groups

    ✭✭✭✭✭ Smart and simple, a must have! “Sharp looking, easy to use and an essential app for every age group. Its programs like these that make the modern cell phone ‘smart.’” – Happy Customer

    If you are a Canadian or US student or are part of a school using Guardly’s Safe Campus Program, Guardly will also connect you with campus security if you set off an emergency alert on campus. Be sure to check our list of supported schools and to register with your university-issued email address.

    UPDATE: With the launch of Guardly’s IPS (indoor Positioning System), security dispatchers can now see your real-time indoor location when you are in an emergency. IPS is accurate to the room and floor of the emergency and significantly reduces average response times. Note: Guardly IPS is only available to Guardly users who’s organizations have subscribed to the service. No additional steps are required of you as a Guardly user in order for IPS to function. Contact your organization’s security or police department to see if this service is available to you.

    Guardly is most effective when 5+ safety contacts are added to a group. Groups are often based on location or situation. For example, a university or college student may have a group setup to quickly reach friends on campus and another group to notify family when back at home.

    Out of the box, Guardly comes packed with a free service that allows you to reach everyone in your safety groups by one-way emergency alerts, which include your location, group name and other information that can help them reach you.

    Guardly’s premium service instantly connects you to a multi-party conference call, private and secure instant messaging session and real-time location tracking throughout the span of your call for help. This is a very powerful service and we recommend that you run a simulation within the app to better understand the benefits of the premium service and to inform your safety contacts about how Guardly works.

    Guardly is ideal for students, young professionals, realtors, social workers, travelers, sports enthusiasts, or anyone who frequently walks alone at night, is concerned about dating safety, is responsible for children, may find themselves in abusive relationships or is faced with medical conditions. Guardly is also ideal for families and friends who agree to look out for one another in the event of disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods.

    Guardly has been featured in a number of publications including TechCrunch, GigaOM, Mashable, VentureBeat and The Huffington Post.

    To learn more about Guardly, please visit:

    Note: Some features of Guardly require connection to a cellular network as well as a data connection through mobile or WiFi networks. GPS location accuracy is dependent on sky availability and satellite coverage. During an emergency incident, continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.

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