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    Publicado: 2014-05-28, por Ana Gracia.

    Todo lo que necesitas saber en caso de emergencia

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    "En caso de emergencia"

    Advance Medical Info: ICE es una aplicación que reúne toda la información médica importante para emergencias. ¿Qué hace? Esta aplicación para emergencias comparte tu localización con los miembros de tu familia añadidos a tu red y da información médica útil sobre medicinas, alergias y seguros.

    w2minfosys es el desarrollador de Advance Medical Info: ICE, una aplicación completa con muchas características y un gran diseño. Una aplicación salvavidas que puede ser muy útil en ciertas ocasiones.

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    May 28, 2014


    Advance Medical Information: ICE (In Case of Emergency)
    Store all your family's key medical data for emergencies and day to day use.
    Advance Medical (ICE) designed to be a great help in case of emergency.
    The SOS Application will send your current location to your friends and family members added on your SOS
    * Notify through email and message
    ICE: Emergency Contact" is an application that helps people who have problem or who are victim of accidents. It is based on the ICE program that consists in saving a contact who is named "ICE" in your contact list. This contact has medical informations about you.

    Got SOS Message Emergency Siren Fired automatically .
    click of the power button 4 time Or according to you
    - Password Protection: Optionally you can set and require a password to use this application
    - Share: Share your data via email or other share option. This allows you to share info with a babysitter or print and take to doctor.
    - Backup: Save a backup copy of your data
    • SOS(message,email)
    • A list of people to call
    • Insurance information
    • Doctor names and numbers -- can call directly from the app
    • Allergies
    • Medical Conditions
    • Medications
    • Any special instructions or other information you wish to provide
    • Share Medical Info
    • Backup Your Medical History
    In order to quick use all features this app has widgets that can be placed in phone home screen,
    save useful informations for rescue workers (allergy, medication, condition, identity, blood type ...) and contact people "in case of emergency".
    our companion app “Advance Medical Info ” to store medical info for the entire family, including vaccinations and medical history. Optionally share some or all family info with (ICE)ADV EMER.

    Test Device in use :-
    use android version 2.0 to Up

    Samsung Galaxy S3 ( Android 4.0.1)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 ( Android 4.1.2)
    Samsung Galaxy S2 ( Android 4.0.1)
    Samsung Galaxy S2 ( Android 2.3.6)
    Samsung Galaxy Note2 ( Android 4.0.1)
    Samsung Galaxy Note ( Android 2.3.6)
    LG OPTIMUS L3 (e0) ( Android 4.0.1)
    LG Optimus 2X ( Android 4.0.1)
    HTC One X ( Android 4.0.1)
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