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    Publicado: 2013-06-20, por Mar GP.

    Pregunta a profesionales médicos todas tus dudas de salud

    • Excelente
    • Gran cantidad de médicos y especialidades
    • Miles de respuestas
    • Tarda en cargarse

    "La biblia de la salud"

    HealthTap es una útil aplicación de salud recomendada por varias publicaciones (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC, etc).

    En primer lugar, tendrás que registrarte y elegir los temas que te interesan. Después, podrás navegar por un lista de médicos dividida en especialidades o simplemente envía tu pregunta. Después de haberla enviado, se te mostrarán otras dudas similares en caso de que quieras leer algunas cuestiones antes de preguntar lo mismo de nuevo.

    La app es muy útil y, además, gratuita, con respuesta de más de 30.000 profesionales médicos. Podrás evaluarlos, darles las gracias y, además, los verás ordenados en un ránking según las opiniones de los usuarios.

    Sin embargo, y aunque la app resulte práctica, a veces tarda mucho en cargar la información y el botón de respuesta podría ser un poco más rápido.

    HealthTap es el desarrollador de la app del mismo nombre, una idea genial para acceder a opiniones profesionales. Navega por la app y descubre todas sus características.

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    por Mar , Appszoom

    Jun 20, 2013


    Provide answers and help patients from your phone or tablet and get paid for providing virtual consults by video, voice, or text chat from anywhere — and all on your schedule. Patients can even schedule appointments for open times on your calendar. Just be a doctor and let HealthTap handle the rest.


    HELP PEOPLE by answering patient questions and reviewing cases from our community of over 350,000,000 users.

    PROVIDE VIRTUAL CARE to patients via video, voice, or or text chat and follow that up with treatment plans, prescriptions, referrals, lab tests, or even a second opinion (and get paid for doing it).

    ELIMINATE THE WAITING ROOM for your patients with smooth intake and pre-visit experiences courtesy of automated patient triaging and integrated calendars for online scheduling — all powered by the sophisticated artificial intelligence of Dr. A.I.

    FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS by taking advantage of intuitive tools such as task management dashboards and predictive SOAP notes to save time and do what you’re best at - being a doctor!

    PROVIDE UNPARALLELED FOLLOW UP with thousands of interactive patient Care Guides linked to mobile alerts and reminders helping you and your patients easily and effectively manage follow ups and treatment plans.

    This app will ask for selecut permissions including location, network state, and system status to help offer you personalized, real-time health information. You can review the full list of Android permissions at:


    New York Times - “The App That Saved 10,000 Lives”

    PC Magazine - "The next time you have a medical question… try asking the doctors on HealthTap."

    Inc. - “HealthTap's diversity of patient tools sets it apart from competing tech companies.”

    "Best application ever. Amazing to see top doctors volunteer their valuable time and expertise to give free useful tips on both medical and wellness topics. Huge thanks to these tens of thousands of super bright big hearted docs!"

    "A social network at its best: 3 answers in 3 minutes from 3 doctors…."

    "[HealthTap] literally saved my life! HealthTap is the one app you MUST have on your mobile device - just-in-case!"

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