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    Have you ever wanted to be greeted by your own special personalised inspirational or motivational message when you start your phone? Did you ever want to receive that motivation or inspirational reminder or emotional boost to your day without having to remember.

    Now you can....this lightweight application will send you your personalised message each time you start your phone. Your message is individual and personal to you, is stored in your phone and does not involve any network communication nor any SMS/text messages.

    And you can also choose to have a second different personalised message sent to you during the day - every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, half-day or daily. Great for reminding you to focus on a special task, to stay motivated towards a goal or to remember someone special.

    When you want to change either message, just type in a new one and it will replace the previous one.

    There are further additional features that allow you to customise the style of the message notification (silent or custom ringtone; vibration or not) and the message colours (you can individually customise the font and background colours).

    This is designed to be a free, simple, lightweight application with No advertisements, no spyware nor any network connections required.

    What are the permissions for?
    - RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: for the option to receive a message on starting the phone
    - VIBRATE: for the option to alert you when a message is available

    Future versions may include the ability to:
    - use a chosen photo image as a message background
    - to randomly choose from a list of built-in iInspirational messages.
    How to...

    If you have problems or suggestions, please send us an email. Just remember, if you post it in the review we can’t respond and help you, so please contact us by email.