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    Publicado: 2015-01-30, por .

    Una aplicación simple para tomar notas y crear tareas por hacer

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    • Efectiva, simple
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    "Ah, ¿eso? Ya está hecho"


    Fetchnotes es una aplicación muy simple que te ayuda a organizar tu vida y a gestionar todas las tareas que deberías hacer cada día, semana o mes.

    La aplicación te permite crear notas con hashtags simples y tiene la posibilidad de añadir contactos, en caso de que te vayas a reunir con alguien o quieras llamar a un amigo.

    Puedes abrir el menú y acceder a las diferentes opciones para simplificar la organización.


    No necesitas instrucciones, la aplicación hace lo que dice y no podría ser más fácil de usar.


    Bueno, como puede que sepas, hay muchas aplicaciones como esta en el mercado, todas con un objetivo parecido. Pero bueno, esta es una de las más efectivas y populares.

    Traducido por Anabel M.

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    por Ana , Appszoom

    Ene 30, 2015


    “Task management” is for robots. Fetchnotes is a simple way to keep track of notes and to do’s so you can stay in sync with the people that matter to you.

    Covered in the WSJ, TechCrunch, Business Insider, The Verge, The Next Web, ReadWrite, Lifehacker, BostInno and many more. Here’s why people love Fetchnotes:

    —————— EASY TO ORGANIZE ——————
    Organize as you type by adding a hashtag in front of a word like "#read". You create the categories.

    ——————— EASY TO SHARE ———————
    @-mention a username to share notes with friends, family and co-workers. When they receive it, it’s already organized with hashtags.

    —————— USE IT FOR ANYTHING —————
    No more switching between different apps for your to do's and shopping lists, your ideas and travel plans, or your shared and personal stuff. Just hit the green compose button and effortlessly shift between note-taking, todo-listing, and communication as you type. It just works.

    —————— ACCESS ANYWHERE ——————
    Fetchnotes is always nearby when inspiration strikes. You can add a note with the iPhone app, on, by sending a text or email, or using our Chrome extension. Everything stays in sync across any device!

    ————————— SMARTER ————————
    We make your notes better by finding you the book you want to read, the music you want to listen to, the website you save and more all right below the note.

    You don’t need to follow GTD to get things done. Choose your hashtags and contacts as you type, and Fetchnotes molds to the way you think automatically.

    —————— PRIVACY CONTROL ——————
    Your notes are 100% private unless you decide to share them with another person. No one sees your “Skype for cats” idea besides the people you choose to send it to.

    Here are some of the things people are keeping track of with Fetchnotes:

    #Todo lists for day to day life
    #Music or #books you want to check out or recommend
    #Quotes that inspire you or make you laugh
    #Dateideas for you and your significant other
    #Randomfacts to impress people with your knowledge
    #Ideas for a #blog post, business or project
    #Travel plans for an upcoming #vacation with friends or #family
    #Shopping and #groceries lists with your family or roommates
    #Links to remember for a presentation or project
    #Restaurants to #checkout or people to #meet while visiting a city

    Fetchnotes is limited only by your imagination!

    "Hashtags and to do lists, together at last." - Ellis Hamburger, The Verge

    "Fetchnotes wants to shake things up a bit"
    — Lifehacker

    "the API to your brain"
    — the WSJ

    "Definitely a different way to think about note-taking"
    — TechCrunch

    "Fetchnotes makes your important content available no matter where you are and no matter what device you’re using"
    — TheNextWeb

    "The Easiest Reminder Service You'll Ever Use"
    — ReadWriteWeb

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