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    Customise all aspects of your morning wakeup routine. Set up your alarm clock to wake up gently, or jump out of your bed, or snooze until a change in ringtone tells you that you are really, really late!

    Features Overview

    • Customise the ringtone, the vibration and flashing of each individual snooze interval
    • Customise the length of time in-between snoozes
    • 2 types of challenges to choose from to dismiss the alarm: the Maths puzzle and the Typing challenge
    • Ringtone will sound even if the device is in silent mode
    • Simple, yet intuitive user interface
    • Optimised for both small screens and large tablets.

    Recommended Setup

    Wake Up Gently Mode - Set your alarm to Vibrate only for the first couple of snoozes. Then set the ringtone to sound after the second snooze.
    Know When You Are Late Mode - Set your ringtone to a different sound if the alarm has not been dismissed after a certain time interval, to give you audible hints that you are running late!
    But It's Weekend! Mode - Set two different alarms, one only for weekdays and one for weekends. The weekend alarm will be set as late as you want and without any dismissal puzzles.

    Instructions can be found at

    Note: this is trial-ware. You will have access to the full functionalities for the first 5 days of use. After that, the alarm will still work, but you will not be able to add or edit the alarms anymore until you purchase the unlocker.

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