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    Publicado: 2012-11-09, por Mar GP.

    9th Dawn RPG es un RPG como los de antes ambientado en un mundo con infinitas posibilidades

    • Universo amplio para explorar
    • Tres clases de jugadores para elegir
    • Montones de objetos, armas y equipos
    • Gráficos retro
    • Versión beta
    • Falta pulir un poco los controles

    "Nuevas aventuras para los moradores de mazmorras "

    Maestros espadachines, moradores de mazmorras o hechiceros, no importa lo que seáis o lo que queráis ser: hay espacuio suficiente para todo el mundo en Montelome, el vasto universo que propone 9th Dawn RPG. Los fans del género adorarán este título porque incluye todos los elementos que definen a un RPG: sistema de mejoras, objetos, encantamientos, clases (Caballero, Arquero y Hechiceros) con habilidades específicas, quests, tesoros y un mundo inexplorado lleno de peligros y misterios.

    9th Dawn se presenta en unos gráficos retro en 2D que recuerdan a los de Ultima o Tibia. Sin embargo, no estamos ante un MMORPG sino un RPG. Garantiza horas de diálogos, montones de quests y arsenal y equipamento suficiente para satisfacer las necesidades de los jugadores más exigentes. Con todo, ten en cuenta que el juego todavía está en fase beta y su desarrollador, Valorware, necesita tu apoyo para seguir puliéndolo.

    El juego cuenta con dos sabores para que los pruebes: una versión gratuita limitada a Agaria Village que incluye anuncios; y una versión sin anuncios y sin restricciones de ningún tipo. Recomendable al 100%.

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    por Mar , Appszoom

    Nov 09, 2012


    9th Dawn III is in development, visit the forums on for more information and updates!
    We are proud to present 9th Dawn, a game that's a blend of modern and traditional design and gameplay and sports the largest open world experience available today in a mobile RPG!

    Explore the large island continent of Montelorne, a land far detached from the mainland, but filled with mystery, danger, and last but not least, adventure. You begin your journey in the small village of Agaria, but once you gain your bearings, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of its own.

    Play as one of three of the traditional classes: The sturdy knight, skilled in the art of combat and possessing the ability to wield heavy armour and weapons; the nimble archer, capable of swiftly dispatching a foe from afar or up close with his daggers; the wise mage, master of the elements and capable of utilizing powerful magic spells and summoning abilities to obliterate the enemy.

    Whether it's searching for hidden artifacts and treasure, helping the troubled Montelornians with the rising undead armies, or simply exploring the massive world and its many towns, dungeons, and forests, there is no shortage of fun for a bold adventurer to partake of!


    NOTE: There is currently no built in way to transfer your character from the free version to the full version. If you have a rooted device, it is possible and there are numerous methods for doing it. Some users on our forum have done this, so you can post there for instructions on how to do so.

    This is the free demo version of the game! If you enjoy it, please check out the full version!

    If you previously had the tech demo installed, this version of the demo is completely new and has content from the full version of the game. We encourage you to update your demo and try it again!


    This game requires around 130MB of available RAM to play. If you do not have the required amount of available memory, the game may crash (at startup or in game), display a black screen, or have no graphics because there isn't enough memory to load them. There is nothing we can really do about this, since this is how much memory is necessary to load the media and content of the game.

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