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    Publicado: 2012-12-13, por Mar GP.

    Coge todos los huevos que puedas y colócalos en el nido sin que se caigan

    • Divertido
    • Dificultad ascendente
    • Alta usabilidad
    • La dinámica es demasiado sencilla

    "Caen huevos de pájaros del cielo..."

    Save the Birds, de Mingle Games, es un arcade en el que tendrás que salvar los huevos de pájaro de la destrucción de los bosques. Las aves están extenuadas y sus huevos no paran de caer por todas partes así que, con la ayuda de Mooney y Pinky, tu objetivo es colocar a la descendencia en sus nuevos nidos.

    Pulsa en la parte inferior para hacer que Mooney se mueva y capture los huevos, antes de pulsar otra vez para llevarlos hacia los nidos sin que se te caigan. Sólo podrás cargar dos huevos a la vez y conforme avanza el juego verás que todo se complica ya que se añadirán características como la lechuza, que te ayudará... o no.

    Save the Birds empieza siendo un juego muy sencillo, sin muchas pretensiones, pero pronto se convierte en algo muy interesante gracias a las características que se van introduciendo en el juego. Los gráficos son muy variados, mientras que los controles no pueden ser más simples para ayudarte a superar los 60 niveles que se incluyen en el paquete.

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    Dic 13, 2012


    "Save The Birds is best described as an awesome cool physics-based casual game in which players need to help the birds deliver the eggs to the new nests. -"

    "The difficulty comes in how each level is more of a puzzle than it is an exercise in precision. There are blocking branches, squirrels that act like teleports, and spiders that act like magnets. The combination of these elements leads to a strong variety of puzzles." -

    Users Review:

    "I rate this game 5 stars and beyond.." - michele

    "Absolutely addicting!! I could play it all day(:" - Carli

    "I love the game can't put it down." - Frankie

    "So addictive, trying to get all the eggs." - kelly

    "The best game ever love it" - Sendy

    "Highly imaginative and addicting. Good job" - K

    "Wow this game is wonderful" - Cristina

    "This is a very good motor skill game that I am using with my son who has a mild case of Autism, thanks and God Bless" - Renee


    As the forests are being cut down, all the birds need to save their eggs from destruction. Tirelessly, they fly back and forth to preserve their future offspring. Facing imminent doom, they slowly begin to succumb to exhaustion. Their tiny wings grow weary and they start dropping their precious eggs.

    But never fear! Here come Mooney and Pinky, our intergalactic rescuers on their mission to save the birds! Roll up your sleeves and help them deliver the eggs to the new nests the birds have built!

    Immerse yourself in this logical action game, using your skills and analytic thinking to deliver the eggs to their nests. Enjoy the realistic physics of the game and overcome various obstacles and challenges. Do you have what it takes to save all the eggs?

    Use great owl, tiny spider, cute squirrel, angry weasel, tricky wind, bunny rabbit and other obstacles to solve each unique and amazing level!


    ★ Beautiful graphics, alternating day and night cycles, and moon phases according to the actual date!

    ★ Addictive gameplay, easy to learn, hard to master!

    ★ Cute, funny sounds and nice music!

    ★ Forest animals can either help you or present an obstacle!

    ★ 63 unique levels in three different environments! More coming soon!

    ★ 3x unique bonus level for each package!

    ★ Regular updates will bring new levels, game mechanics, and challenges!

    ★★★ What are you waiting for? Come and Save The Birds!!! ★★★

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