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    Todos los niveles, toda la acción, todo gratis! Ayuda oscilación Squibble, rebote, y la honda su camino a casa en un juego de plataformas épica, 2D rápido y divertido que es fácil de aprender pero difícil de dominar. Las futuras actualizaciones incluyen las áreas de bonificación para explorar y conquistar, sin costo adicional! Un anuncio-libre, la versión de pago también está disponible.

    Squibble is now a finalist at the Canadian Videogame awards! We'll be competing for "Best Game on the Go" - Wish us luck and thanks for all your support!


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    "Squibble is as much fun as Angry Birds!"
    "I'm nuts about this game! I find myself playing it whenever I can and it's still as much fun as in the beginning. This app has it all: a cute story, good controls, lots of surprises, and it calls for sleight of hand and a bit of luck."

    "Squibble deserves more reviews and publicity because of its simple platforming style, colorful art design, and addictively challenging gameplay."
    "The art style is simple, bright, and colorful; comparable to that of Angry Birds."

    "Squibble is an impressive Android game packed with 20+ levels of quality graphics and fantastic gameplay."

    "Overall, this is a unique game that has great graphics, responsive controls and has a lot of potential... Thumbs Up."

    "The controls are tight, the game runs flawlessly, the physics add a nice twist, and it's a great blend of action and pause-to-think."

    "If you are looking for a new addiction on android to pull you away from angry birds try squibble."

    "This is a very polished game, the graphics are perfectly realised and the levels scroll smoothly as Squibble swings and flies about the place."

    "Like Angry Birds, Squibble does the vector-style, cartoony approach to graphics - and pulls it off quite well"

    "Great fast paced platform game"

    "Squibble is a very addictive, easy to pick up and challenging all at the same time."

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