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    Publicado: 2012-09-12, por Mar GP.

    Arrastra un elemento sobre otro para inventar uno nuevo y ayudar a Dios a generar vida

    • Creativo y original
    • Exigente
    • No es un juego para todo el mundo
    • Se puede volver aburrido con el tiempo

    "Combina elementos y crea el universo"

    En Doodle God tu objetivo es ayudar a Dios a crear cosas como aviones, lava, ciénagas, calor y muchas otras. La forma de hacerlo es tocar los grupos para expandirlos y arrastrar un elemento sobre otro para crear otro completamente diferente.

    Puede que combinar dos elementos no sea lo más difícil del mundo, pero no resulta tan fácil lograr alrededor de cien objetos diferentes empenzando sólo con dos. Después de que generes un nuevo elemento, aparecerá una cita famosa, dando un toque original extra a este de por sí original puzzle.

    JoyBits Co. Ltd. es el desarrollador de Doodle God y Doodle Evil, un par de juegos muy parecidos que harán las delicias de aquellos que disfrutan resolviendo puzzles y creando combinaciones. Los gráficos son sólidos y es no es difícil jugar una vez has aprendido las reglas básicas del juego.

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    por Mar , Appszoom

    Sep 12, 2012


    Over 40’000’000 players tried to create their own world in the last few months!


    “Amazing polish, much much better than Alchemy game” - Galvin

    “The game provides a unique satisfying sense of discovery whenever you find a new match”, 8/10 -

    “…you realise the true genius behind Doodle God’s alluring gameplay”, “If you’re open to a new gameplay experience … I recommend giving Doddle God a whirl.” –

    “Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying every time you discover a new element.” –

    ! #1 Game in 50+ countries on iPhone.
    ! Second prize as Puzzle game of the year 2010, JayIsGames.
    ! Winner of Samsung Mobile Challenge award.


    PLEASE NOTE: Free-to-Play (F2P in the title) version means that you can pass full game for free, but charges real money for extra energy to speed up the pace of gameplay.

    What's inside your Phone? Circuits, microchips, batteries? No! Your Phone is full of fire, water, earth and air! What do you do with your Phone? Make calls, send texts, check emails? Boring! With Doodle God™ you can create storms, build armies, grow a civilization and: drink vodka!

    - Mould the 4 basic elements to your whim!
    - Create 300+ advanced items and concepts!
    - Intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful, creative play!
    - Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings!
    - Amazing quest mode with tonz of new reactions!
    - Full OpenFeint support!


    There are already at least TEN episodes in our project roadmap, that include extras mini-games, more addictive game modes and mechanics like 'quest' and 'theme-packs' as well as implemented smart tips from you guys (tons of new reactions, Facebook , Twitter support, updated Hint system). Thanks for advices!


    Please remember that your 5-star reviews help keep the updates coming.

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