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    Dados gratis es un juego de dados gratuito que te permite jugar a muchos juegos.

    "Dice" is a simple free dice roller. It's just a simple dice shaker.

    You want to play Monopoly, but you lost your dice. Trivial Pursuit but you simply do not have. Regardless of the game, this application of dice to roll is for you.

    You can block one or more dice and restart.
    You can move a dice.

    Little more, a dice roller with customizable faces. Enter the text you want as pledges, actions, choices, dare , love dice ...

    Many options are available:
    ¤ Color of dice
    ¤ Background Image
    ¤ Size of dice
    ¤ Number of dice (up to 9)
    ¤ Vibration
    ¤ Sound effect
    ¤ Dice customizable

    Play with your friends/buddies and roll the dice !!!

    Use the scoreboard to keep track of the players and their scores.

    Bonus : 10 rules of games are provided with the application including Craps, Backgammon, Yahtzee (Yams), 421, Black Jack, Dice 10000, Killer, Farkle and other ... You can change the rules of the game to your liking.

    If you experience a problem with our application, send us an email to inform us of it.

    Permissions used:
    ¤ Vibration for collisions of dice
    ¤ Internet for Google ads

    version 2.4 :
    ¤ Debug

    version 2.3 :
    ¤ Debug

    version 2.2 :
    ¤ Add scoreboard
    ¤ 10 rules of games are provided
    ¤ Debug

    version 2.1 :
    ¤ Optimization (consumes much less battery)
    ¤ Images with better resolution
    ¤ More background image
    ¤ More image dice
    ¤ Rotate screen only for large screen
    ¤ Fixed display of aid more than once
    ¤ Debug

    version 1.8 :
    ¤ Adding the action bar (menu) for Android 4.0 and higher

    version 1.7 :
    ¤ debug

    version 1.6 :
    ¤ Enable/Disable the display of the total score
    ¤ Choose number of throw(s) per round or player

    version 1.5 :
    ¤ Enable/Disable start-up assistance
    ¤ Move app to SD Card
    ¤ Optimization (consumes much less battery)
    ¤ Debug

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