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    Publicado: 2014-10-23, por .

    Un juego de cartas ambientado en la época medieval, lo suficientemente sencillo para jugadores de todas las edades

    • Bastante sencillo para principiantes
    • Empieza a jugar de inmediato
    • Muchas cartas por descubrir
    • 2 contra 2 o contra la CPU
    • Los jugadores experimentados querrán más complejidad
    • Diseño del sonido minimalista

    "Oh no, los Bobblin Goblin otra vez no..."

    ¡Ataca los muros del castillo! Castle Wars es un juego de cartas de cubierta cerrada, en el que debes derrotar a tu CPU o a un adversario humano con las cartas que te toquen.

    Debes elegir jugar o descartar una de las cartas de tu baraja por turno. Cada una de las cartas cuesta un determinado núermo de gemas, y puede proporcionarte recursos, alterar tus estadísticas, o atacar a tu enemigo, representado por su castillo. Necesitarás una buena estrategia para derrumbar el castillo enemigo, teniendo en cuenta que debes defender tu propia estructura, la cantidad de gemas, y qué cartas tienes en la baraja.

    Cada carta muestra su función de forma muy clara, facilitando el comienzo del juego. La complejidad y los temas son perfectos para jugadores de cualquier edad, aunque los jugadores de cartas más experimentados buscarán algo más sustancioso.

    Se juego con la CPU por defecto, pero también es posible desafiar a tus amigos por Facebook o email. También se pueden hacer partidas 2 contra 2 con usuarios aleatorios.

    Castle Wars no ganará ningún premio de originalidad, pero es una buena opción para los que se inician en el género.

    Traducido por Clara C.

    Janel Appszoom logo

    por Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 23, 2014


    Mines & Magic is a casual yet strategic card battle adventure for everyone. Clash against countless foes in a Single Player Adventure mode for the ages! Not good enough? Try the new Arena mode to wage war with other players, and show them who's REALLY got the strongest deck! Don't like being too competitive? Face off against your friends and have the most fun you'll ever have! While you're at it, swing by The Forge, where you can destroy lesser cards to forge powerful Epics. Level up and defeat enemies to unlock new worlds, cards, avatars and castles.

    Mines & Magic is the brand spanking new name of Castle Wars, and is part of an ongoing massive overhaul to every aspect of the already solid game. We have completely redesigned the UI, the battlefield, and have added tons of new single player content. We've also balanced and added a multitude of awesome new cards. We've listened to the feedback of our fans for the last few years and are here to say: this is what you've been waiting for.

    Defend your castle against an onslaught of foes by building up your defenses. A strong Wall and a Strong castle are vital! Increasing your gem production will be key to having an advantage over your opponent, and is done by sacrificing cards. Once you're ready, devastate your enemies with a full on offensive. Lay waste to your opponents and be the Last Castle Standing!

    - New Leaderboards! Show the world what you're made of! Climb your way to the top of Arena Mode and earn Crystals, Coins, and much more!
    - Arena enemies now have varying difficulties!


    - Energy now recharges while offline. Finally, you'll be able to get some sleep!
    - Vastly improved matchmaking in the Arena.
    - Now you can rematch bosses on any previous difficulty. You time traveler, you.
    - Mulligan feature added to Arena play!
    - Arena Runes can now be purchased with Gems. Talk about a deal!
    - Star progress counters added to each boss, for your convenience.
    -Only way to win now is to destroy opponent's castle.
    -Completely redesigned most game screens.
    -Vastly improved computer player AI.
    -Players can now level up and earn awesome rewards.
    -Custom player avatars can now be unlocked in single player campaign.
    -Players can unlock faster game speeds by leveling up.
    -Lots of new environments and castles to unlock.
    -Players can now earn valuable stars to unlock new worlds and enemies.
    -Single player campaign expanded to 5 worlds, and 20 new enemies.
    -Completely reworked single player rewards.
    -Completely redesigned castles and environments.
    -Missing dust? Dust can now be purchased directly with gems.

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    Follow @FluikGames on Twitter or visit us at for awesome game announcements and other updates.

    To help keep Mines & Magic awesome, please send any bug reports or complaints directly to us, instead of posting them in your app reviews. We can reply to app reviews on Google Play, but we're more likely to respond if you post all your bugs or suggestions if you email them to us at

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