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    Battle Various Robots by Racing to Solve IQ Problems

    ★ 8 Different Games
    ★ Have Your IQ evaluated While You Play
    ★ Compare Score and IQ with the World and See Where You Rank
    ★ Generates Billions of Unique Questions!
    ★ Suitable For All Ages and Cultures
    ★ Fun and Educational
    ★ Improve Your Math and Memory Skills


    -Current Games: Math, Card, Goalie, Scale, Bomb, Gem, Seesaw, Pattern, (more games coming soon?)

    -Current Modes: Verses, FreePlay, Survival

    -This Game is Suitable For Different Cultures, Languages and Environments. Math and Memory Questions That Are Used Are All Universal. No Word or Currency-Based Games Are Included.

    -This App will test your Logic, Memory, Visual Identification, Pattern Recognition and Speed Skills. IQ is evaluated while keeping your age in consideration.

    -Scoreloop leader-boards is used in this app. Every player has their own profile, and can check their rank in comparison with friends or their country of residence, or globally with the entire world. IQ can also be compared.

    -Research shows that training your brain can indeed help you to be mentally in-shape. Test your intellectual capacity by challenging Robots, Androids, Cyborgs and Super-Computers with their processing speed against your brain in an intellectual competition.

    -Yes, this app can help kids improve their math skills. Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication is utilized.


    WARNING: Although this game is suitable for every age. Winning may occur very, very rarely or probably never. Seriously, this game is not easy past the first few levels.


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