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    Review de Dungeon Raid

    Publicado: 2015-06-17, por .

    Un juego de mazmorras con elementos de rol y puzzles

    • Un sistema de juego único
    • Mucho contenido
    • Tablas de clasificación globales
    • Animaciones lentas
    • Gráficos regulares
    • Podría mostrar el daño causado

    "Mazmorras y puzzles"


    En Dungeon Raid tendrás que conectar los elementos dentro de un puzzle. A medida que avances la pantalla cambiará y tendrás la opción de comprar objetos nuevos para tu personaje. Los monstruos te atacan mientras juegas y tu contraataque variará según la combinación que hagas.


    Es una mezcla única de puzzles, estrategia, fantasía y elementos de rol. Tiene mucho contenido, así que el juego dura bastante. Elige la música, mira las tablas de clasificación y guarda tu progreso.


    Las animaciones son lentas. Estaría bien poder ver el daño causado en cada turno. Los gráficos son regulares: parecen retro pero no lo acaban de ser.


    por William

    Jun 17, 2015


    Dungeon Raid is going to challenge your strategy skills to the max! Trace a path and match the tiles to collect treasure, buy and upgrade weapons and defeat monsters in this exciting and addictive puzzle roleplaying game. Things happen fast in Dungeon Raid, so gather your courage and dive in!

    "Dungeon Raid is an effortless recommendation... download this game now."
    - TouchArcade

    "Pick this one up. For its price, they definitely made me feel like it was well worth the money in so many ways"
    - appSafari

    "If you’re looking for a different type of match 3 game or you’re an RPG nut that wants to get a quick fix every now and again, Dungeon Raid is just the game for you"
    - TouchMyApps

    "Dungeon Raid manages to capture the essence of both rogue like dungeon crawling, and addictive match 3 in a easily accessible formula"
    - TouchGen

    "It’s a fun mix of match-three puzzling and role-playing"
    - Pocket Gamer

    Dungeon Raid is a puzzle RPG, a blend of puzzle game with roleplaying mechanics. Your mission is to trace a path through a set of matching tiles, but watch out – you may be attacked by enemies who improve as fast as you do.

    As you go, the object is to collect as many resources as you can, like gold and experience. Get enough points and you can buy or upgrade equipment and level up. All the while, remember to avoid those nasty enemy skull tiles and fight them off for as long as you possibly can. And don't get too greedy, or you risk being overwhelmed!

    The higher you go in a Dungeon Raid game, the more strategy you’re going to need to match a greater number of tiles, grab bonuses and stay ahead of those evil adversaries. Never forget that they improve as the game continues.

    Keep your wits about you as you play Dungeon Raid. As you level up, there are many trade offs to consider and complimentary combinations of skills to be chosen. If you’re not used to the tense pace of the higher levels, go ahead and start on easy difficulty. That gives you the chance to play the game in a more relaxed way, and watch how powerful your avatar can become.

    Regardless of your skill level, you’ll never get bored with Dungeon Raid because there’s so much going on! There are hundreds of items to collect, a growing list of character skills and many different strategies for you to use. You’ll be itching to play just one more turn, just one more game for hours and days on end.

    4 difficulty levels: select a relaxing easy game or go for a challenging and strategic experience
    2 challenge modes
    400+ unique items to buy and upgrade
    77 achievements to unlock
    40 diverse abilities to help you and hinder your enemies
    30 special monsters to defeat
    20 powerful upgrades to apply to your items
    10 character classes to unlock & customise
    Level up and improve your avatar as you kill enemies and collect experience points
    Global leaderboards using Game Center & OpenFeint
    Play your own music during the game
    Constant save system: quit the game and return to it at any time

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