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    Publicado: 2013-08-29, por Ana Gracia.

    Juega este puzzle para mover el bloque rojo a la salida

    • Fácil y divertido
    • adictivo
    • Piezas de Tetris
    • Hay un montón de juegos similares

    "Mover los bloques de tetris"

    Move it! Free es una aplicación que consta de 150 puzzles con 6 niveles de dificultad (principiante, informal, Estándar, difícil, Avanzado, experto). El objetivo es que el bloque rojo de la esquina inferior llegue a la salida moviendo los otros colores.

    Lo que realmente destaca es que utiliza piezas similares a las del "Tetris", que permite que se muevan con más libertad y te da más posibilidades.

    AI Factory Limited, es conocidas por crear juegos clásicos de puzzles divertidos, son los desarrolladores de este juego en particular: una mezcla entre otras aplicaciones de rompecabezas y tetris, que forman una gran combinación. Perfecto para pasar el tiempo y entretenerte en los pequeños momentos libres.

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    Ago 29, 2013


    Top Developer (awarded 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015)

    "If you think you’ve already played the best block puzzle games on your smartphone, wait until you’ve played Move It!"
    review by Arnold Zafra of

    "For the die hard puzzle fanatics who love a challenge, this game will not disappoint."
    review by Vincent Messina of Androidrundown

    "It's all about the puzzles and the puzzles are good....In conclusion, this is a solid puzzle game that is a nice addition to the Android Market"
    review by Alstar of MeandMyDroid

    Tired of sliding blocks puzzles that only allow block movement in one direction? Then this is for you!

    Move it! FREE is a fresh and exciting new block-sliding puzzle, not just a slider clone!

    Move it! Free comes with 300 puzzles spanning 6 difficulty levels from Novice to Expert. Depending on level, it can be either a quick casual game or an extremely challenging puzzle. It is both a simple and addictive puzzle game that will give you hours of playing fun.

    The goal is to get the red block out from the bottom corner to the exit by sliding the other blocks out of the way. However this game injects something genuinely new into the block sliding genre of games. Move it! provides a rich variety of shapes that can move freely, not just in restricted planes. This will keep you challenged!

    The end product is a very natural sliding game of great depth and variety, very well suited to the new generation of touch-screen devices: A very simple and natural inclusion into the pantheon of puzzles such as the tile matching and other such popular games and puzzles.

    -- Designed for both Tablet and Phone

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