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    Review de Moment – Screen Time Tracker

    Publicado: 2014-10-31, por .

    Esta app monitoriza el tiempo que pasas con tu iPhone

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    "Mi momento con iOS"

    ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cuanto tiempo te pasas con tu dispositivo móvil?

    Moment te ayuda a controlar el tiempo que pasas con tu iOS y las veces que lo miras al día. Así te darás cuenta del problema y tal vez puedas hacer algo para solucionar tu posible adicción.

    No tienes que hacer nada: solo mira la app cada día y ve si has usado tu dispositivo más que ayer o si has podido reducir tu nivel de adicción. Además, la app reúne información sobre los sitios que visitas y te los enseña en un mapa, incluso puedes activar recordatorios para reducir tus malas costumbres.

    KEVIN HOLESH es el desarrollador de Moment, la aplicación perfecta para los adictos del iPhone. ¿Eres uno de ellos?

    Traducido por Francisco A.

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    por Ana , Appszoom

    Oct 31, 2014


    Track how much you and your family use your phone and tablet each day, automatically
    • See what apps you use the most too! Moment is the first and only app on the App Store to do this.
    • Set daily limits on yourself and find a balance for the screens in your life.

    Moment Family
    • Monitor all of your family member’s screen time too.
    - Look at your entire family’s day from the comfort of your own device.
    • Start screen-free family dinner time, which means for the next 60 minutes, every time a person in your family picks up their phone or tablet, an annoying alert will go off and everyone will hear it. How embarrassing!
    - You can decide how long each family dinner time will last.
    - Everyone in your family can start family dinner time, including your children.
    - Schedule it for the same time every day.
    • Change a family member’s daily limit and force them to put down their phone when they’re over that limit.

    The Highlights
    • Tracks how much you use your phone or tablet automatically.
    • Keeps track of what apps you use the most almost automatically (iPhone only).
    • Trains you with the Coach to use your phone less, if that’s your goal.
    • Logs how many times you pick up your phone each day.
    • Force yourself off your device when you’re over your limit, and force your family members to do the same.
    • Break down each day to see when you’re on your device and what apps you’re using.
    • Tracks where you go each day, and have it plotted on a map.
    • Invisible app. Once you set it up and as long as the app is running in the background, you never have to open it again.
    • Choose from 6 relaxing reminder sounds and 6 intense sounds for your daily limit reminders.

    Apple Watch
    • Quickly see how long you and your family have used your phone today.
    - You’ll see a colorful icon for each one of your family members on your glance. Green means well under their daily limit, yellow means getting close, and red screams they went overboard.
    • No, the app doesn’t track how long you spend looking at your watch.

    Warning to parents: Moment is not strictly about parental control. Using Moment Family as a parent gives you certain powers, but your children have power too.
    • If your daughter notices you on your phone while you’re supposed to be watching a family movie together, she can start family dinner time for the entire family until the movie is over. That means no one can pick up their phone, and you as the parent can’t turn that family dinner time off.
    • Your entire family can see everyone else’s screen time for the day from the family scoreboard. You can see if your son is over his limit for the day, and he can see if you are over yours!

    Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Moment has been designed to use GPS sparingly.

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