Touch Scan Ultimate - Lie-Detector, IQ-Scanner, Love-Tester and more

    Touch Scan Ultimate - Lie-Detector, IQ-Scanner, Love-Tester and more icon

    Touch Scan Ultimate - Lie-Detector, IQ-Scanner, Love-Tester and more

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    Ever wondered whether the hot person at the bar would be the right one for you?

    With TouchScan Ultimate you can make sure now with a simple press of your, her or his thumb and your iPhone. Just press both of your thumbs on the screen to start the finger-scan. Afterwards TouchScan Ultimate will tell you how good you fit together (or not :) ).

    TouchScan Ultimate is far superior to is predecessor TouchScan Classic and Touch Scan Pro!

    How does this work? Well, it's all a trick of course! The iPhone/iPod can't really scan fingerprints. You enter up 2 results prior to using the programm in the settings (within the settings application of your iPhone/iPod!). You can choose between these results by the position of your thumb in the upper area of the screen.

    With each result a couple of Answer-Buttons is presented. Your "victim" can press a button to give an answer or a reply to the result and after that, your (pre-set) counter answer is presented and optionally TouchScan asks the scanned person for his/her phone-number as well. Number and Name are stored in the iPhones Addressbook with a TouchScan-Tag for easy handling afterwards.

    So, TouchScan Ultimate is your favourite icebreaker at the bar but it is also suitable for tons of other things. Depending of how you setup your scanresults and what story you tell prior to scanning someone, Touch Scan can be:

    - a lie detector
    - a finger scanner
    - a fart detector
    - IQ-Scanner
    - Cylon Detector of Battlestar Galactica
    - a Love-Meter
    - scan for criminal records
    - a Talent-Scanner: Could you be the next American Idol?
    - Van Helsing's Vampire scanner

    ...and many many more. Just enter custom texts for the results and start having fun. Find examples for scan results on our homepage.

    No matter where you are - at the Disco, Gym, School, during workout or in Yoga-class, at the beach or swimming has never been easier to start social networking! TouchScan is your digital wingman!

    *** TouchScan was awarded as one of the "Best Apps 2008" ***

    What Users say about TouchScan:

    "I made mine a thong detector and enjoyed the flushing girls." (You can also scan for piercings, tatoos, bra's...whatever is hidden under the clothing ;-) )

    "This is so much better than iGirl because you get to know real women!"

    "This was the best app I bought only second to Super Monkey Ball."

    "I only got this to threaten my kids that if they lie I will know. It is working!!! I was shocked."

    "Now I'm mariyed and have 2 kids thanks to this app"

    "It's like C.S.I. on your iPhone"

    What TouchScan is NOT:
    TouchScan is not a real scanning software. This software is a fun-application and just simulates the scanning of someones brain! It can not replace the "swipe to unlock"-Screen. It cannot be used as a security scanner. It can't cook coffee or post to twitter, facebook are anything like that!

    And to all dear Reviewers: If you have problems with my app - like crashing or always showing the same text or displaying green dots - please read the manual, the FAQ and watch the intro-video on my homepage! And then, if it's still not working, send me an e-mail please because I just can't answer you're comments. There is NO way to contact you if you post here only! Thanks!

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