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    La revolución multitouch ha llegado! y ahora GRATIS!
    Lleva cada fuego con su color pero hazlo usando un dedo diferente para cada fuego! Esta es la alocada y original premisa que propone TwisTouch la cual aporta diversión sobretodo si juegas en compañía.

    ★★★★★ Características ★★★★★
    ✓ Modo Arcade (Infinitos niveles).
    ✓ Mode Frenetic (Infinitos niveles).
    ✓ 11 niveles puzzle.
    ✓ Completa integración con Game Center.
    ✓ OpenFeint con logros.
    ✓ Aplicación universal (Versión iPad incluida).
    ✓ Adaptado a la Retina display.

    ★★★★★ Reseñas ★★★★★
    "TwisTouch is a great combination of dexterity and puzzle solving that offers unique gameplay that i haven't come across elsewhere. The gameplay is simple, but you will quickly get your brain and fingers twisted up in knots. I'm usually pretty good at thinking through spatial puzzles. However, this game has had me turning my iPad around, trying to figure out how to orient my hands, craning my neck to look at it from a different angle and then is still challenging to move to the right place even once you know what you want to do. Sometimes the solution is simple but getting my fingers to do what i want is toug" By Finandir

    "If you ever played the game Twister and ever wanted to play it on your iPhone, this is the perfect game for you. This game features all the fun of manipulating yourself into awkward positions only with your fingers. Very fun on iPhone and exceptional on iPad. Also a lot of value in it since you can create your own levels" By B$4ST

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