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    Publicado: 2017-06-01, por .

    La mayor parte de opciones están bloqueadas

    • Banda sonora dulce y estupenda
    • Interfaz de usuario agradable, limpia e intuitiva
    • Narración de voz estupenda
    • La mayor parte de los contenidos son de pago
    • No podrás hacer prácticamente nada si no pagas

    "Olvídate de la ansiedad"


    En este mundo moderno, a veces es inevitable sentirse ansioso sin una razón aparente. End Anxiety Hypnosis para iOS o Anxiety Hypnosis Relief para Android es una aplicación que te vendrá fenomenal para superar tu nerviosismo. Para empezar, simplemente conecta tus auriculares y pulsa el botón de reproducir. Primero escucharás una pequeña introducción que te dará indicaciones sobre el funcionamiento de la aplicación y las precauciones que debes tomar. Luego, en cuanto empiece a sonar la música ambiente, recibirás instrucciones parecidas a lo que sería una sesión de hipnosis para saber lo que tienes que hacer para superar tu ansiedad en pistas de media hora.


    La aplicación funciona como cualquier otra herramienta de meditación. De hecho, me quedé impresionado con el sonido de la música de fondo y con la agradable voz de la persona que iba detallando las instrucciones.


    La aplicación está desarrollada especialmente para que aquellos que escuchan puedan superar su ansiedad. Sin embargo, creo que tener que pagar 3 euros para desbloquear las instrucciones de audio o las diferentes bandas sonoras de fondo te pondrá todavía más nervioso.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    por Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Jun 01, 2017


    ◉ Learn to avoid anxiety and improve relaxation after listening daily for just 1–3 weeks
    ◉ Change your mindset through subconscious thoughts to reduce anxious thoughts
    ◉ Prevent anxiety from interfering with your work, sleep, and life


    Do you suffer from anxiety? Hypnosis can help you reduce anxious thoughts and improve your relaxation response, resetting your behavior for a healthier response to stress.


    ◎ A single audio session of 30 minutes a day that is effective in just 1–3 weeks
    ◎ Hypnosis audio carefully read by the soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist
    ◎ Peaceful background music and nature sounds to help you relax
    ◎ Hypnotic Booster with binaural beats to induce your brainwave frequency into an optimal state for receiving hypnotic suggestions
    ◎ Separate volume controls for Voice, Background, and Hypnotic Booster
    ◎ Awaken at End feature can be disabled at bedtime for a relaxing, restful sleep
    ◎ Repeat sessions or loop while you sleep
    ◎ Continue listening to background sounds after the session ends
    ◎ Works with Apple Watch! Pause, resume and adjust overall volume from your wrist via the Now Playing glance
    ◎ For devices running iOS 10 and above, you can optionally track your listening time as Mindful Minutes in Apple's Health app. Once you have purchased the in-app upgrade, the next time you start a session you'll see a prompt to allow the app to sync your listening time with Apple Health. Just enable the Mindful Minutes setting and tap Allow. To change the setting later, open the Settings app and locate this app in Privacy > Health, where you can enable or disable Mindful Minutes synchronization.


    "Actually works and is a great sleep aide. I’ve tried out several of these apps and this one is perfect. I get especially anxious at nighttime and can’t fall asleep, this app is so effective I don’t even know what it talks about because I’m out within the first 5-7 minutes. Life changing! It says that you start noticing results after a week, I felt calmer and more rested after listening to it for only a few days. Better than expected. Recommended to all my friends."

    "Amazing. I started this more for serious stress that had under tones of anxiety. I really didn’t expect much out if it. Within a weeks time I was feeling calmer and better able to focus when issues did arise. Extremely pleased."

    "I have been experiencing a slow down at work for nearly 2 years. Thus, I’ve been home a lot more in these last two years. My son has some minor behavioral issues that have come to dominate our daily lives. I had found my self stresses, depressed, and angry all the time. I greeted every day with anxiety, dreading what new frustration it had to offer. I have been using this app for a little less than a week and I am already a lot happier and better able to roll with whatever comes up. I started this because I felt I was not being a good father or husband. I felt drawn more and more to find a pharmaceutical solution to this ever present sense of failure and anxiety. I don’t event give the use of substances a second thought now."


    Anxiety Relief Hypnosis is free to try and effective with the default settings. A one-time in-app purchase is required only if you wish to change the default settings. (Each of our free hypnosis apps includes its own in-app purchase; in-app purchases cannot be shared among separate apps.)


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